Thursday, November 17, 2011

list time...

Cutest kitchen timer in the world...isn't she adorable?
She's one of my favorite things...
 Lots on my mind today...scattered thoughts...thinking in bullet-points...
  • I got that little chicken timer at Christmas last year. Aunt Lisa purchased it for our annual gift exchange. Each year we pick a letter and then all of the adults buy an item that begins with that letter. Last year's letter...T. Hence the timer. I love it. Thank you Aunt Lisa...and Megan, who I stole it from in the gift exchange!! You're such a good sport. (She knew I was gonna snag's what makes the game fun, right?)
  • Chris planted Japanese Maple seeds at the beginning of summer. The other day he transplanted five little saplings into cool is that? (It is called a sapling right?)
  • The winter garden is settling in to the cold soil...everything looks happy and even has a bit of new growth. So far, so good.
  • I got sick on Friday...and am only just now feeling better. It was something stomach related...then turned to gall bladder stuff (bye bye soda...I'll miss you forever)...then turned into a migraine. Seriously? Enough is enough.
  • I have a new quick and easy meal idea: tacos. The trick? Store bought taco shells. I know, I know...but hey, sometimes convenience wins out. I've got to feed this family of mine...these teenagers that are eating us out of house and home. And sometimes time is limited...right? Not to mention now that Ian is wrestling he walks in the door from practice and blurts, "I'm starving!". So last night I browned taco meat, warmed shells, dumped out shredded cheese into a bowl, chopped up some lettuce and a few of the last tomatoes from the garden...set out hot sauce and sour cream...and BAM, dinner is served!
  • Would you believe I'm halfway finished with my online class? It's Week 4 already! I know!! Admittedly, this is NOT my favorite class so far. Not at all. It's learning how to integrate technology into the classroom. And seeing as how I like my computer...and I like the internet...and many technology related'd think I'd like the class. Yeah. Well... I don't. But that's's halfway over. And the next 4 weeks will go by equally as fast...if not faster. So it's all good.
There's more in this crazy head of mine...a few poems swirling around, thoughts of a continuing writer's group, I need to dust, I'm hungry, I have a LOT of schoolwork to do in the next 4-6 weeks (which is slightly overwhelming, yes), I'm looking forward to some rain this weekend...not to mention looking forward to having a week off, working for the school district rocks...

Speaking of which...I better get going...reality calls.


Michelle P said...

I love that chicken timer! I need something cute like that.

Denise said...

totally hearing you on the food thing. i can't keep it in the house for anything. and yes, sometimes convenience does win. besides the fact that by the end of your day - you must be exhausted.

curious... how did you know gallbladder? i have always thought my gallbladder may be a little off...
email me when you need a break from the school work :)

Jennifer said...


dusting, forget the dusting, i hate dusting, blech on dusting.

we had microwave dinners last night, do you know how long it's been since i made a microwave dinner? i stood there the whole time it was cooking, thinking i'm giving my kids cancer, i'm giving my kids cancer, but i guess we survived so, every once in awhile ok.

maybe i'll make tacos tonight :-)

Linda Foster said...

We even have twin timers from the same amazing person! We really are twins from different decades in so many ways!!!
And mine is one of my favorite things as well! Lisa and I actually first found them while shopping on Fourth Street in Berkeley one summer afternoon. And then lo and behold... she is so thoughtful!