Saturday, April 24, 2010

what are you up to?

It's's's's a great day! So far it's been a slow morning of dishes and putting things away...washing bedding and folding laundry...scrubbing wood furniture with Murphy's Oil Soap...taking out garbage and recycling...clearing off my poor little nightstand...and watching a decent Hallmark movie.
Notice there's no shower in there anywhere? Yeah. That's next! I also have a paper to to turn into note cards...more laundry to do...Crock Pot chili to prep...and a couple of baseball games to watch. No big deal. (Huh?)
Anyway...a good day. Busy? Yes. But full of good stuff. I better get to it! Have a beautiful and blessed Saturday...xo


Mari said...

I love it when I don't have to shower first thing, and can work most of the morning in my pjs. Ahhh!
Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

love that bowl. it is kinda a "chill day" here. cold outside, yuck.

Magnolia Handspun said...

Gorgeous image Michelle, have a wonderful weekend.
Love your new header!!!

christina said...

dude! i so didn't shower until 2 this afternoon! i know that's way too info, but i know we are HERE. So it's all good... right? Big smile!

Unknown said...

I'm loving this sun!! I was outside all day and I think I may have gotten sun burned! So nice to have this weather after snow on Wed. and Thursday!

Anonymous said...

you are so busy? i wonder how you don't leave the house with an article of clothing missing some days.

oh and btw, love, love, love the header, brilliant!

Nancy said...

Love the bowl. Sorry to bombard you with all these comments...I'm behind on my blog reading as you can tell.