Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fresh stock in the shop today!

Friendly reminder...fresh photos in my shop today! Any orders placed today will be mailed out Monday...and will include a little bit extra in celebration of Easter!

{and don't forget to check out the photo assignment in the next was a fun one!}


vintage girl at heart said...

Been meaning to ask permnission to use your photo of my cards that I won to do a blog post about photos of the cards have not come out very well.
Have a Blessed Easter!

A Friend Across the Miles said...

Happy Easter my friend!


Kelly said...

Very nice Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Hi, i tried to leave a comment on 'brainstorming' but something is not working, kept getting errors, but i wanted to tell you that i love your pictures and i think they would sell really well on etsy and i think you would get more action on etsy than just your blog. obviously i am a fan:) everytime i click to your blog i just can't take my eyes off of your gorgeous header and its just garlic for goodness sake:)