Monday, April 5, 2010


I'm the type of person that loves to brainstorm. I always have been. I can sit and hash out ideas with someone else for hours until all of a sudden we have this huge thing...this huge idea...that we usually don't even know what to DO with! I have designed businesses...projects...restaurants. I've created so many things....all in my head!
And I will say, some of them have come to fruition. But many of them have not. And that's OK...that's what brainstorming is all about...the process. I love the process. It feeds my need for creativity...for something new...for a dream. And then when one of these crazy hair-brained ideas becomes something real? So amazing!!
Anyway...all of that being said, I need to brainstorm with you folks today. And since we're not able to meet at a groovy coffee house and sip lattes and scribble on napkins and hash out ideas...I'm going to make a Poll instead. (Wouldn't it totally be more fun the other way? Sometimes the world of blogging can be so lonely...)
So here's the skinny...I am considering developing my photographs into frameable 5x7's...possibly 8x10' sell in my Etsy shop. And I have some ideas...and some thoughts...but it's always better to talk it over with friends to see if I'm on a good track. This is where you come in! I need your creative...and honest...opinions. So if you would be so kind as to vote on my Poll I would greatly appreciate it.
And how about this...if you DO vote in the Poll, leave me a comment. Leaving me a comment will enter you into a drawing to receive something pretty in the mail. Probably something in the form of a...oh...I don't know...maybe a photograph?
So I guess I should go create the Poll, huh? Why do I always do things backwards? Wait...don't answer that. Just give me a minute and the Poll will be up.
It is definitely Monday!


ain't for city gals said...

Brainstorming is one of my favorite things...for women it just seems like networking, networking and more networking is the key. I din't realize up to just a little bit of go the you can sell vintage items on etsy...I thought just home / hand made...and I learned that on another there you go..will look for the poll in a bit

Erin said...

You should definitely sell your prints! I think selling them on your blog is a great idea. Personally, I am more likely to buy off of a blog than to click over to Etsy.

Unknown said...

Great idea, Michelle! You KNOW what my pool answer is - YES! You can't imagine the number of businesses I've created in my mind over the years!

Anonymous said...

I had these same thoughts today - time to do something (right now, just for me) with my photos besides sitting on my pc!!

Unknown said...

I like your prints and was looking at ordering some the other day, but I want one for ME, not for a card that I'll feel obligated to send to someone. Is that selfish or what?! I've only recently looked at Etsy, so I'd rather buy directly from your blog. Can you guess what my vote was?

Leslie said...

I like the idea of having a print just for me, too. I would buy from your blog.

Nancy said...

Loved that you referred to sketching on my office (architecture) we refer to those as cocktail sketches!

A Friend Across the Miles said...

I say go for it!

D said...

Hello Michelle, I'm pleased to have found your blog by way of Thomas. Creative you are and without risk there is no reward. ;) Have a blessed week. Diana

v佳馥虹玲 said...

how do u do?................................................................

Magnolia Handspun said...

Michelle, I am going to say something you are not going to like. I am going to be super honest with you.

2 years ago I signed up for ETSY I was SO jazzed, I read every little morsel of advise I could on Etsy on how to set up shop and get customers.
I finally got my banner, my prints and hung up my "open" sign.
The first week a designer bought and 8x10 yay! this.
2 mos went by and I didn't get ONE nibble after that.

What I am trying to say is that ETSY is so random and looks all so good, but in reality only people with accounts can buy from ETSY
(unless that has changed?)
So basically your selling your work to other ETSY people there.

Another thing is in order to get your work shown you have to PAY to upload your pics all the time in order for your images to be seen thru this "mill" and it really gets lost with everyone elses pictures.
After 5 mos of this reuploading images and paying and just one sale I quit. But I think if you are really persistant and give it time your name will get known...I just don't have the patience to "hang around" for 2-3 years.
I had much better luck at a local gallery.

I buy alot form ESTY I love the concept...but just be aware it is a lot of work to get "known" there.

Your work is lovely Michelle, I think you most defintly can sell your work, but also "brainstorm" and think of othere places that would get you a better return. Like your local books store, gallery or coffeshop.

Just my honest 2 cents. Either way I wish your the best of luck.