Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Happy {101} Award...for me? Thanks!

So my friend Erin over at Dropped Stitches was sweet enough to honor me with the Happy {101} Award! Wasn't that nice of her? I don't know if I've been given an award before...? So, I'm honored! Thank you, Erin.
OK, so the idea behind the Happy Award is that I am supposed to share {10} things that make me happy. And then I'm supposed to share {10} blogs that I enjoy we go!
{10} happy things...
  1. rain. love it. any time. anywhere.
  2. coffee. preferably Starbuck's. and even better with a friend.
  3. spending a day with my mom. we have a really good time together...and we eat good food!
  4. long drives. preferably to somewhere new. and beautiful. and chilly!
  5. a weekend away with my husband. we buy new music, hop in the car and find a new place to visit and explore. it's always fun...and refreshing.
  6. hugs from my boys. my boys give great hugs. and they are so lovable. a hug from them can make all the troubles of the world disappear...especially when it's unsolicited!
  7. taking pictures. i got my camera for my birthday a few years ago...and I haven't been the same since. I love my camera...and the satisfaction of taking a decent picture.
  8. cupcakes. preferably yellow with chocolate or white frosting. an occasional pink cupcake with pink frosting is good, too. I'm not picky.
  9. chickens. in my backyard. fresh eggs. pecking and scratching in the sun. watching them makes me happy.
  10. handwritten mail. in this day and age a real letter through the real mail is a rare thing. so when I receive something in my little green mailbox it makes me smile.

And I'm sorry...I know it's kind of cheating...but I just can't choose {10} blogs. I want to choose them if you are reading this...consider yourself a recipient of The Happy {101} Award and make a list of {10}'s nice to sit and think about the things that make you happy!


Anonymous said...

no wonder I like you - your 10 things could easily be my 10 things too.

oh wait, not the rain one: )

christina said...

congrats on this award!
what a glorious list, my friend. it makes me wish i lived closer.

Dave said...

1. time with my brand new grandson
2. time with my sweet husband
3. time with the Lord on a Saturday morning when I can linger as long as I want
4. time with my brother and sister n love
5. my nieces and nephews always make me happy and are some of my favorite people in this whole world
6. my new grandson's wonderful parents
7. having my son and sweet daughter in law visiting from Tahoe- and loving how much I miss them when we aren't together
8. my cozy little home and big yard and garden
9. the simple but real pleasures in this life-family, health, a sunny day, time with friends that have known me forever
10. words of encouragement- from the Word or a trusted friend
Wednesdays in the Word!
Thank you Michelle.
Love, Linda

Kelly said...

What a wonderful Happy list! I am going to do one for sure, it is always good to think about all the good things in life. :)

Nancy said...

Love your happy list. My fave is "hugs from my boys", especially the unsolicited part. I feel the same way about my girls.

Erin Wallace said...

Great list! I must say that I agree with it all (I'm findin git amazing how much I have in common with the bloggers I chose to forward this award to - it's pretty cool!) Have a good day, my friend.

Wren said...

Happy to you too!
YOU make ME happy!!
: ))

Magnolia Handspun said...

I think every neighborhood should have a sign like this!