Friday, April 16, 2010


First of all...thank you to all of you who helped me choose photos to sell at the art fair. It was SO very helpful...I appreciate your input. (And hey Linda...the link to my flickr account is on the right sidebar of my blog...or you can click here!)
As you know, last Saturday mom and I went to the coolest yarn shop ever in Petaluma. Well, we also decided to have some lunch. At the recommendation of the shop owner, we went to the Wild Goat...a tiny little restaurant BIG on character. It was darling. And cozy. And comfortable. Not to mention, the food was WONDERFUL.
See that Cobb Salad up there on the menu? De-li-cious. SO good. If you ever go...please order it. You won't regret it. We also ordered the Seasonal pizza on a thin crust that was very unique and quite delicious...sauteed pears, Gorgonzola, arugula, and some sort of yummy ham. It was different. And it was good.
While we were there I was inspired by the Wild Goat to start collecting mismatched silverware. I don't have a set of silver. When we got married I didn't sign up for china or silver or anything like that. I signed up for every day stuff...mainly because we have such a small house that I don't entertain so I figured I didn't have a reason to have nicer stuff.
Well...a few years ago I realized that I would like to have some silver for when I DO entertain. I won't live in this tiny house forever...and I really do love to have people over. It's just really hard in this little space to do so comfortably. So I don't. Well, several years back I had found an old silverware design that I fell in love with (I can't recall the name of it...I have it written down somewhere...!) but piecing a set of it together is proving to be more difficult than I thought it would be.
So...inspired by the Wild Goat...I decided that I'm going to piece together mismatched silver and call it a set. None of the silver at the Wild Goat matched...and it looked really cute. So...I figure if it will work for them, it will work for me!
And mom...if you're reading...thank you for a GREAT day! xo


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a cool place. I love mismatched tableware, and its a good thing because that is all i have:)

vintage girl at heart said...

Love it!!
I love mismatched dishes too!!!
Can't wait to see your silver set progress...the thrill of the hunt will be so much fun!!!

Unknown said...

I love everything about this post! Love cobb salad, love thin crust pizza, LOVE the name "Wild Goat Bistro", and love, Love, LOVE the mismatched silverware! Can I do that, too? Collect some that is? I saw some in Pottery Barn, but it would lack the charm that finding old pieces would naturally have.

Erin Wallace said...

Yummy Cobb Salad - I love that stuff! I like a table set with mismatched (yet similar) silver. Gives it some charachter. The same could be said for dining chairs.

Hey - thanks for the 3 column advice. I'll have to try it out. Then I can put my key words in it so that the blog is more searchable. That html is SCARY stuff!

Hullabaloo Homestead said...

That sounds like agreat idea...and certainly if it works for a restaurant it will defintiely work for you. Get the polish out.


Unknown said...

I love the pink flower in your new banner!

pinkpeppercorns said...

I missed the photo voting! :(

Boy, my eyes sure went front and center to some menu item with goat cheese. I LOVE goat cheese.

Love the idea of mismatched silverware.

Dave said...

From Linda, not Dave!
Thanks for the link! I clicked on the flickr on the side of the blog and just got to the general site and tried to find you and well... thanks for the direct link! I think of myself as mostly savvy with that kind of stuff... but flickr and I have problems (long story, involves a son in law and grandson pictures, whatever...) AND I have a partial silver set that matches the fork in your photo! I have my great-grandma's silver, which is a couple of partial sets, and I love it. And I totally use them as is, and they always look great. And I sentimentally love them too Along with my grandma's somewhat chipped china. We live in a small house too, but I never feel like I really HAVE enough plates, bowls or pitchers somehow. And I like setting the table and the presentation of the food (again, think bowls and pitchers) and the good company much more than actually making the food.
And I love the dogwood pictures, the still life, the calla lillies, and the garden set and so many that would make great framed pictures I think. The calla lillies would go great in my bedroom (Lisa if you're reading this, hint, hint!).
And I am also excited to check out the yarn shop in Petaluma!
Thanks Michelle!

A Friend Across the Miles said...

I'm just perusing that menu - I don't know what it's in, but I see goat cheese on it. Therefore, it must be gooood! And gorgonzola? What is it with stinky cheese? The stinkier, the better!

Happy Monday!


Nancy said...

I much prefer mix & match to everything the same. Mix & match adds character and I like that.