Tuesday, April 27, 2010

...come again some other day...

A sign painted on the alley wall...from the birthday trip.
It's raining. Oh how I wish I could stay home today, make soup , clean the bathroom and get ready for this art fair. I am getting ready to put together a stack of note cards to sell. They're still for sale in my Etsy shop, too, until I get my web site finished. Yes...it's on the to-do list along with everything else! It's just going to be very simple...but it still takes time. I'm getting there...it's one of those things you just need to DO. Just open the program and make the thing..! It may have to wait until after this art faire. I still have to put cards together, mount photos on mats and then frame some prints. By Friday. My mom is going to help me...thank goodness! Because in the middle of all of that, I also have to read a 133 page essay and write a 2-page paper for school!
That's my cue to get off this computer! What have you got going on today?


Christina said...

yikes, that's a lot of homework! thank goodness, for mama's.
ps: good luck with the art thingy.

Anonymous said...

reading your blog makes me tired.
but in a good way.
if you can do it so can i.
and God bless Mom's.

today, i will rest. (ha, not really, but wishful thinking is nice)!

anxious to see how your shop thing turns out, i've got ideas brewing...

Anonymous said...

you are a busy busy girl!!!wow, you are going to have a website? you will have to fill me in on the details sometime. are you doing it yourself? whew, you make me tired! wishing you smooth sailing through all of this!

Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Just got home from having an endoscopy. fun. Can you tell I'm excited. I've put this off for about three years. But I did much better than I thought and I'm happy to have it behind me. I came home in time to cover my sprouting lettuce before the cold rain/snow mix that has just left your area and is headed my way! Expecting temps to hover just around freezing - too much for tender sprouts, so I used a frost blanket on them.

I remember the days of study, study, study. A cup of hot tea always makes it a bit better.

Nancy said...

Sending good vibes your way so you can accomplish everything on the list...you've got a lot going on.