Monday, April 26, 2010


I like this mosaic of other people's photos. I think it's interesting the ones I choose as favorites...notice many of the colors are muted. Lots of grays and browns and soft colors. Then with a shot of color here and life. Muted and dull many days...with bursts of goodness and vibrancy to keep things interesting.
This past weekend was busy. Which is making today a bit rough. Not bad. Just slow...and I could sleep for another week, straight. I think all of my, school, work, home...are beginning to pile up on me. Then add to that the other things I decide I want to artisan faire...a web site...helping family and friends do this, that or the other thing...and I am FULL. Not to mention getting ready for a trip to Belgium, forgetting daily to get my passport...putting together a message, a donation letter...and a book for crying out loud.
Before I started working at the bookstore I was able to give myself a "home day" now and then. A full day to putter around the house. To wash sheets and dry them in the sun. To scrub the floors and wipe down walls. To clean out some drawers and fill bags with donations. To hose off the porch. To make something...just for fun. To cook something long and slow on the stove top...that I just scrubbed nice and clean. To read my bible and listen to praise music...loud. To just stay home.
But now that I'm working four days a week, that has changed. It's changed because I have to go somewhere every day. I go to work Monday thru Thursday and on Fridays I go to our business office to do payroll and pay bills and such. Oh, and the best part...have lunch with my hubby...something I miss being able to do on a regular basis like we used to do. Hmmm...I didn't realize how much I missed that until I just wrote it... is a bit rough. Not bad. Just rough. Maybe I'm doing too much...people warned me ( know, I know..)...asked if I thought I could do it...of course I said, "Yeah! I can do it ALL!" But...I hadn't done it all what did I know!? Ha!
Anyway...I need to pray about this...ask God what He would have me do. And what He would have me let go. I'll let you know what He says...

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Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

I'm chuckling because I was one of those who asked you if it would be too much! What did I do? I went out and signed my two younger girls up for the swim team! It's only been three weeks (I think!) and at the end of last week I was nearly in tears! I'm gone three hours a night!

We got snow Wednesday which caused everything to shut down. Now typically, I would be depressed to see snow in mid-April because I want spring, however this time, I kept thanking the Lord for ONE night off! Sitting down together as a family to eat is nearly #1 on my priority list, but it hasn't happened since swim team started! My soul was just about to implode when God sent the snow. I think I can make it another week (but we have WEEKS to go! - What WAS I thinking? Okay, it's really good for my girls; they've never done any sport before; we were overdue).

Praying God sends you a "snow" to give you a mini break to get you through to the end! Then perhaps we both need our heads examined!!!

Anonymous said...

could you ask for one day off of work from the bookstore? just a thought.

Anonymous said...

i will pray for you too, hope you have a good week! love the mosaic

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

All I can offer is two things:

1. Develope a 24 hour policy. You must sit on a decision to commit to anything big for 24 hours before saying yes or no. It helps you avoid impulsive YESes that you may regret.

2. If your immediate reaction to a request isn't "Hell YEAH!" then it had better be a "Hell NO!" If you aren't passionate about saying yes, then you KNOW it should be an automatic no.

I've done both these things and it's simplified my life ALOT. Remember that when you say NO to one thing, you are allowing room to say YES to something else. You have to leave space for the universe to give you what you really want and there is no space if you are filling it up with "busy work".

Oh and one more thing: DO NOT apologise for holding space for yourself.

Hope this helps some. :)

Kelly said...

About two years ago I started feeling overwhelmed, but I didn't know what to eliminate or even where to start looking. The popular saying that God won't give us more than we can handle got me to thinking..."where exactly does He say that?" I asked around and 100% of the responses referred to 1 Corinthians 10:13. I don't see the connection, as this chapter says He won't allow us to be tempted without also providing a way out. The good work any of us do isn't a temptation. Even if He doesn't give us more than we can handle, how often do we take on what He hasn't assigned to us? Anyway-two years later I often still feel overwhelmed, even after eliminating many activities and responsibilities. I wonder if it's just part of the human condition? I do think eliminating virtually everything and then letting HIM add what HE wants is ideal, but I'm not always sure I hear His voice over my own wishes. Sad to say. I hope you figure out how to "do it all"!

Karon said...

Michelle, I think sometimes it's hard for us to allow God that control and accept His decisions -- but as always, He knows best and trusting that brings great focus and relief. Still, it hurts now and then when maybe He says "no, you don't need that" . . . don't worry, keep trusting :>


the organized homestead

Nancy said...

I could use a stay at home day too. Actually several. My list of things that need done around the homefront is getting long...we've got company coming in 2 weeks and leaving on vacation at the end of May. Both are good things but require some preparation which requires time...something I don't have enough of right now. Hang in there. XO