Friday, July 31, 2009

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program...

Hey everyone! It's us, The Girls. Michelle has asked us to let you know that she'll be out of town tomorrow, just for the day.
We seem to remember something about taking her oldest son to music camp and dropping him off...for a week. A WEEK. She's a bit nervous and probably a bit weepy knowing send her some love. She's going to need it this week with her big, grown, adventurous, mature 14 year old baby off by himself in the big cruel world.

I bet you never knew chickens could be so eloquent, did you? Or dramatic either for that matter? And you thought us chickens didn't have a whole lot going on upstairs, eh? Well, let me tell you...I'm here to tell you a little something...wait...uh...shoot...what was I going to say?
Anyway, so maybe she's not sending him off into the cruel world. Maybe it's more like music camp combined with YMCA during the day and archery, rock climbing, swimming and whatever else campers do at camp in the evening. At least that's what we overheard while taking our dust bath the other day. And to think, they thought we were asleep. They certainly don't know us very well...we are all ears. When we're not eating or scratching or pooping or running from nothing, we are on TOP of things. We don't miss a thing. Steel traps I'm telling you...steel traps.
What? You gotta problem with something I've said?
Because if you do...just say so...we'll deal with it right here and right now.
Yeah...that's what I thought. Boy...that's the last time I cover for her. From here on out, Michelle is SO on her own.


Louisiana Laura said...

Love the girls... Happy Saturday!
Found out my sister-in-law in Rural New York has chickens! They were just moved to the coop!

Nancy said...

How cute are those girls? Love that first picture. Hope Seth(?) enjoys the camp and you enjoy the week.

Beegirl said...

Love your broadcasting ladies! Hope he has a wonderful time at camp! I used to go for a week every year in the summer to a church camp of my choice - LOVED it!

Anonymous said...

from my girls to your girls - have fun!!

Kelly said...

OMG, I almost sent beer threw my nose on the'you gotta problem with that' bit/photo. Thanks for the laugh, I REALLY needed it!

Anonymous said...

so michelle, you better watch out for those hens. they are on to you in a big way!

hilarious! have i said again how much i love your girls.

i'm sure the week will fly by, though my girls were gone for four days and it was odd...just odd for them not to be here.

i guess this is all about the letting go part beginning, right?