Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Use it up or do without.

We are up to our eyeballs in zucchini! I'm growing it AND I'm harvesting it from my friend's garden. It's taking over. It's on the countertop, it's on the floor next to the island, it's in the's everywhere! And would you believe that I've been giving a lot of it away, too?! It's so nice to be able to more reason to expand next year's garden.
There was no way we'd be able to eat all of this zucchini. I mean, we could if we ate it for all three meals AND dessert...every day...for a week. But my family would definitely not go for that.
So, instead I decided to shred up a lot of it and freeze it for use later in breads and muffins. Won't it be great to have fresh zucchini in the dead of winter?!

I don't remember how many zucchini I shredded...but it was a lot. And it ended up being five Ziplocs full...three 4-cup packs and two 6-cup packs. I decided on those amounts because the majority of the recipes I read for zucchini breads and muffins called for two cups of it in the recipes. I figured with 4 and 6 cup packages I can double and triple recipes and be set!
I am so glad that it didn't go to waste...another step toward feeling like I'm doing my part.


Anonymous said...

that is the one thing i haven't done this year...freeze.
but i still have a chance with the zucchini and yes, it will all be gone to quickly this fall/winter.

we are up to our eyeballs too. go check out the smitten kitchen blog, i got some really good zucchini/summer squash recipes there on her sidebar.

Kelly said...

Nice job! I did zucchini pickles last week, but I am not convinced I will like the recipe when it comes time to crack open a jar.

Have you seen the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe from Barbara K.'s book titled Animal, Vegetable, Miracle? Worth checking out if you get sick of bread and muffins! (the recipe is available on-line)

Nancy said...

You're gonna love having fresh zucchini this winter. I do this as well as slicing it, laying in a single layer on a cookie sheet, place it in the freezer until it's frozen and then transfer to a ziploc. works great. It's also great to add to stir fry, spaghetti sauce and other Italian dishes like lasagna.

Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

Perfect. Just knowing that you've grown and harvested and put food by feels sooo good...and grateful!

Anonymous said...

yep, me too. I will do this for sure. I see you used your food processor - great idea!

Beegirl said...

HA! I knew they would come!! I am up to 20 cups frozen and one in the refer.. maybe I'll try that curried zucchini soup recipe! Love the shot of the freezer!

Count = 43 zucchini

PS-just got Animal, vegetable, Miracle..