Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday morning quiet time...

It was nice and cool in the garden this morning. And pretty quiet since I hushed the girls with the leftovers from a bag of shredded wheat. Earlier one of them squawked so loud I thought she might have laid me an egg! such luck...yet.
The garden is thriving and I am loving it. The beans (on the left) are growing like crazy...the pole beans are wrapping their tendrils around the poles and each other, braiding their way all over the place. The bush beans are already producing beans...the pole beans are a bit behind. I didn't read the package so I don't know if this is right...or if the pole beans just aren't going to produce? Time will tell.
I picked a few things this morning...tomatoes, a regular zucchini and an Eight Ball zucchini.
Between my zucchini and my friends' zucchini I'm going to be in over my head here pretty soon! And I've even been sharing! I've left piles of produce on two of my neighbors porches, I sent a small bag home with my mom and dad and later I'll be dropping off a bag for my bro and his family. And there's still more! So, later this afternoon I'm going to bust out the Cuisinart and shred a bunch for freezing. It will be nice in the winter when I want to make zucchini muffins and such.

The picture below is of the garden path. Or...should I say...what was the garden path? The Birdhouse gourd has boundary issues and is just growing all over the place. This is one case where I'm OK with something overstepping's so pretty!
And it's got many little gourds starting. I notice that a lot of them start but not all of them necessarily mature. So we'll see how that goes. (It's an experiment. Remember?) So we've got the gourd on the right and the Eight Ball zuke and tomatoes on the left. And of course the nasturtiums creeping and climbing all over...they add such fun color to the garden.
Can you guess what this is? I know, I's string. But can you guess where it came from?
I don't know that you'll ever guess...but I'm going to put it out there and see if anyone comes up with it's original use. I have to say, I am cracking myself up with the whole reuse/recycle thing on this one. And if you've been keeping up on my blog and my family and what we've got going just might be able to figure out where it came from!
Anyone wanna give it a try?! If you are the first one to get it...I'll send you a present!!


Anonymous said...

I'm want to say it has something to do with baseball. but, otherwise, I have not a clue

Anonymous said...

and your garden is doing great!!

Elaine said...

Your garden looks so beautiful! I love how it's flowing all over, so green and lush!

You grow girl!


Nancy said...

The garden looks great! Aren't you glad you took everything out of those pine boxes? I love the 8ball zuke. I want to put them on my list of things to plant next year.

As for the string....well, as of late you've been doing reading, gardening, making jam and spending time at the ball field. My first thought was that you had unraveled something - a hat, an old rug, a scarf. I think I remember seeing that same string in a photograph of a cucumber plant; you had used it to tie the plant up. Hmmm. You've got me stumped.

Wren said...

I feed the chix what ever is left from the kitchen too. Last week they ate an entire tray of ends I snapped off of the green beans. They don't seem to like zucchini though... Maybe if I shred it?

WhiteStone said...

I think the string came from a sweater that you unraveled. Am I right? Wrong? I love your gourd vine. I planted an heirloom squash this year and having no place to put it, I planted the seeds in the daylily patch next to the garage. So far I've been able to coax the vine to spread out BEHIND the lilies and not OVER them. LOL

You Can Call Me Jane said...

Beautiful pictures, Michelle!