Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm a jam making fool.

We ran out of homemade strawberry jam about two weeks ago. The way we all acted about it, you'd think we'd been out for 10 years and that it was imperative to our survival, like water, or air. We were very spoiled having homemade jam all year long. Very spoiled. And since I refuse to buy it now, we just had to do without until I could make more.
Finally, once I got all geared up to do some serious jam making, I went to my local fruit stand and they were closed. CLOSED. They're never closed! But I had it set in my mind that I was going to make strawberry jam today, darnit, so I decided to go to the strawberry stand across town. I have to say...the berries themselves aren't as good as the ones around the corner from my house. But we were desperate...desperate for jam...are we pathetic or what? Spoiled, I tell you.
Ian agreed to help me, thank goodness. Jam making is always more fun and less work when someone helps you. He's a great berry smasher. He's gotten into label reading and gardening and living a bit healthier. Don't get me wrong, the boy loves a soda or a pack of Starburst as much as the next kid. But at the same time, he is becoming aware of food, and what it does for you, and where it comes from, and what it should and shouldn't contain. Both of my boys are. They make fun of me for being a label reader sometimes...but that's OK, because eventually, when they grow up, they will have this knowledge to draw from. And as long as I at least give them the tools...they can decide what to do with them after that.
Anyway...back to the jam.
We smashed and simmered and boiled and filled and processed...and less than an hour later...we had 8 jars of homemade jam.

As I pulled them out of the hot water bath and set them on the towel, one by one, they made me smile with that telltale *ping* they make when the jars seal and you know you've been successful. I just love that sound...don't you? Isn't it pretty? And yes, it tastes good, too!


Nancy said...

Looks delish. Y'all should rest easy knowing there's a few jars of jam in the house again!

Sojourner said...

Now you have peach and strawberry.....I'm bring over toast and coffee.

Anonymous said...

how do you just whip out jam so quickly?

i'm impressed!

WhiteStone said...

Our strawberry patch didn't do so well this year...wish we had a strawberry market close by!

Anonymous said...

nothing more beautiful than those jeweled jars. congratulations on getting your so involved. at 37 i've now come full circle and am living my life the way my mother brought us up. it sticks i guess.

i'm afraid i might have missed raspberry season though. we have six jars of strawberry. cross your fingers.

Beegirl said...

Those lids popping are my most favorite part to canning! We laugh every time one goes. How silly..
Your jam looks wonderful. I'd better get cracking.. This time last year I think I had raspberry done and was starting on peach.