Monday, July 13, 2009

Herbed chicken?

It seems that chickens and herbs just naturally go together. The girls LOVE to peck at the herb pots...basil and sage seem to be their favorites.
Here are three of them now...a little camouflaged by the pots full of herbs and succulents. But you can see Betty's head and Sweetie and Nellie' feathers.
I try to keep them off of the deck...these ladies poop a lot and they poop everywhere. Modesty is not something they care much about. They just figure, "When you gotta go, you gotta go." So, they go. But if I had to paint it in a positive light...the deck gets hosed off every day or two!
They also love to snack on this little bit of Scotch Moss that survived the winter. It's a little worse for wear thanks to the girls...but I figure if it keeps them from plucking the blossoms off of my vegetables...I'm willing to share!


Anonymous said...

don't get me started about pooping on the deck.

Anonymous said...

how wonderful of them to season themselves for you!

sorry i couldn't resist.

i love your chicken pics.

June said...

Our deck is well fertilized too. But yesterday when my little ones tried to flush the chickens off the deck, they trampled through EVERY pot up there. It would have been a hoot if I hadn't been hooting at the pain inflicted to my seedlings.

Glad to know we are not alone.

Nancy said...

Saw the title of the post and expected a the photo that goes with it. How cute.

Wren said...

Plops. Plops everywhere..
I've been keeping them out of the picnic shelter, but the yard is another story. Love the "herbed chicken"..too funny..! Such lovely ladies. Don't they just bring a smile to your heart..