Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday morning...and we're off!

Just so you know...this tomato picture has nothing to do with anything I have to say today. I just liked it...and thought I'd share...because I don't like posts without pictures. So...there.
Monday's are usually low-key...I try to leave them for weekend catch up stuff...laundry, some cleaning...some regrouping. But not today. Today I have to work at 10. Ian has Mad Scientist University at 9a until 10a. Seth is going to pick Ian up by scooter and they'll stop for a SLurpee on the way home. I won't be off until which time I'll pick the kids up from the shop...because at noon Chris is coming home for lunch and then taking them back to the shop with him. Then Ian has a scrimmage game at 5 until 7.
Whew. Did you get all that? Busy, busy.
What have YOU got in store for this beautiful, cool and breezy Monday?


Anonymous said...

it is cool and breezy here today! the chicks don't know what is going on! btw, we have had now - 2 soft shell eggs and only one more hard shell - weird.

my week is busy this week too.

Nancy said...

Trying to keep it low key today. The first workday after a holiday weekend is always hard. Here's my day -- worked, took a walk, cooked dinner, and computer time. Need to balance the checkbook yet (YUK). Hope to get some reading time in.

Hope your day is smooth sailing.

Beegirl said...

Wishing you a happy monday..on Thursday! I am so far behind. Work, internet out, berries, honey...Is that a RED tomato?? ..sigh..
Hope you are having a great week!!