Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In my dreams..and answered prayers.

Is this not a gorgeous pile of goodness? I wish I could say I grew it all. But I can't. Because I didn't.

The majority of this bounty is from my friend's garden...they grow TONS of food. They're getting ready to go out of town and while they're gone, we get to benefit from it! I'll be going to their property every other day to check on animals and pick fruits and vegetables to my heart's content.
[Please note: the two round zucchini, the cherry tomatoes and the yellow plum tomatoes are from OUR garden. I gotta take credit when I can!]
Because we had all of this amazing produce I just had to utilize it. Since I'd defrosted some chicken for another meal plan I decided to change things up a bit and make stir-fry. And I have to say, it came out quite delicious! I added see if I like it yet...and I'm sad to say, I don't. I ate it years ago and didn't care for it...but hoped that my taste buds had matured. Um...they're still immature. Because eggplant is yucky. And wouldn't you know I have two eggplant plants in my backyard? I hope my neighbors like them...


On a totally different was definitely a better day. Things are looking up. To give you a quick look into what's going husband and I own our own custom cabinet shop. As you can imagine, business has been slow. We've fallen behind on some things...and our future has been uncertain. It all came to a head yesterday. And it was a rough day... was a new day. And we had an opportunity to meet with our property manager. Before our appointment Chris and I prayed...for wisdom and for favor. And did we ever find favor! Oh my goodness...the property manager was SO nice. The real estate broker was nice. Our conversation was positive and all about solutions.
And our prayers were answered...we were absolutely shown favor. We're not out of the woods yet...but we can definitely see the light...
Thank you for your prayers and means a lot. xo


Beegirl said...

Funny you should mention cabinet maker as i was drooling over the cabinets in the background of your veggie photo. Sending you all my love and prayers.. How wonderful to also be able to share in your neighbors bounty! Looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

that will be your bounty some day - I just know it.

I love that you and your husband prayed together. When two or more are gathered in His name there is power.

Oh, I have egg plant growing and I am not sure if I like either. I didn't in the past. Someone gave me the plant so like you, I thought I would try again.

Nancy said...

Prayer is a powerful thing. So glad you found favor. Praying for better days ahead. mother grew it in her garden and she would make eggplant parmigiana (sp?). Love it. The trick? Slice the eggplant, lay it out on a cookie sheet or waxed paper, sprinkle with salt so that excess moisture is sucked out of it. Then dredge and fry in olive oil Oh my. Yum. I swear the salting of it makes a huge difference. Have you checked for recipes like this? If you need another excuse to check the library, I think I just provided it!

I love the round zukes. I've never seen one. I love it. And, congrats on your harvest!