Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm gonna git you sucka!

I know. I know. But I couldn't help myself.
Anywayyyyy...I am going to get those tomato suckers thanks to this post at Little House in the Suburbs.

Little pear tomato on the vine. But not for long!

I've read many, many times about removing sucker branches from your tomato plants. And for the LIFE of me I could never actually DO it because I could never actually figure out which branches were the suckers! So, the few times that I've grown tomatoes they just did whatever they wanted and grew however they wanted, never having to fear "pruning".
Well, those days are over because I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT. Thanks to Ivory over at Little House in the Suburbs. She posted about tomato pruning and she included the simplest of little drawings. And when I looked at that little all clicked. Just like that. Next thing I know I'm out in the garden pruning sucker branches and adding them to the compost heap like a pro. I even plucked a branch or two with a few flowers on them. Am I hardcore or what?
For whatever reason, this knowledge is very liberating. It helps me to realize that I AM headed in the right direction. That I AM learning. And that I CAN do this.


Anonymous said...

i had no idea you were to prune tomatoes! wow, learning right with you, but ooh, i don't know if i could pinch off the buds.

thanks for sharing.

Beegirl said...

Oooo I've heard about this, but have never done it. Thanks for posting. Heading over there now to check it out!