Sunday, July 19, 2009


I recently read that cucumbers resent being transplanted. Of course, I read this information after I transplanted this little guy.

The plant is not very healthy. It was one of the original victims of the earwig invasion. When they got done with it, it was basically a stem and a few skeleton leaves. It looked awful. And it still does. It's spindly and some of the leaves are crunchy. The stem is a bit pinched off and scarred near the soil. I had to tie it to the support to keep it upright.

But somehow, it is still growing cucumbers. I love gardening.


Anonymous said...

seeing the fruit of your labor makes it even better!

Nancy said...

determination...that's a good thing.

Beegirl said...

Gerkins!!! That is, if you can them now...
Just kidding..
: ))

Anonymous said...

i resented being transplanted too. and i too felt weak. but with determination be it plant or person, we all succeed.

i love wisdom from the garden.