Sunday, April 1, 2012

...and then the sun came out.

What a beautiful day... The sun is shining...the windows are open...the air is cool. I tidied a bit...I meant to yesterday but by the time I got home from helping my aunt I just wasn't in the mood to clean...or cook!

Soo...everyone fended for themselves. Leftovers, frozen waffles, fast food...whatever works sometimes, right?

I've been taking more pictures lately. It feels good. Digital photography is such an easy form of creativity, isn't it? No supplies, no mess, no sticky fingers from glue and paint, no little threads and snips of fabric sticking to the butt of your sweats that you don't realize are there until you get back from the store.

Yeah, digital photography is pretty much an ideal creative outlet. For me at least seeing as how I don't have much space to make a proper creative mess. Not to mention, if the photo isn't good...delete it. Done. Gone. No muss. No fuss.

I have become a bit of a purist as far as digital photography is concerned. I don't edit my photos. I don't lighten or brighten or adjust colors. I don't add any of the effects that are available for photo editing. I mess with the settings...which I am still not really versed in at all. I could not tell you what ISO is or aperture or anything else. But I do know how to adjust them accordingly in my camera (by trial and error, not because I know what I'm doing, because I don't!) to find the light and mood that I want in the photos. Not all the time. Sometimes a photo has more of a cool tone than I'd like. Or is a bit brighter than I imagine. Or the angle just isn't.quite.right. But every now and then I can get pretty close to how I see it in my head.'s Sunday. It's almost 1pm. And I haven't even showered yet. But that's about to change...I have to get ready to go to the Relay for Life fund raiser with my mom and my aunt this afternoon. It's being held at a historic home here in town that I've always wanted to visit. I wonder if they'll let me take photos? I'm gonna take my camera...just in case!

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Denise said...

you do take a really good picture. I agree - easy creativity! I took some pictures this morning. Trying to find my groove with it again. Have fun this afternoon!