Monday, April 9, 2012

good morning.

Wait. It is still morning isn't it? (Yes. Phew. I would have been embarrassed if it wasn't and I had to admit I was still in my jammies.)

As you see, I am not at work today. One of the perks of working for school district...weeks off at a time. I'm telling you...I enjoy working with kids. And I enjoy working at a school. But really, these weeks off are needed!

Yesterday was Easter...and it was very nice. We went to Chris' dad's house. All in all there was a house full of about 20 people or so. One of them being Uncle Gerald, Kelly's (my father in law's wife...and my friend) 91 year old uncle who traveled from Tennessee to be with family. His wife Bernice came, too, of course. (How cute is that? Gerald and Bernice.) They are wonderful people. Uncle Gerald is so full of love...the love of the Lord I suspect. He shines. He's the type of person you just love right now. I get teary-eyed thinking about him. I hope to see them again...

We ate like there was no goodness, the food. Two hams, fresh green beans with pecans and bacon (yum!), baked beans, two huge salads, rolls and I made Country Potatoes...a huge dish of them...and there was a scoop left. Yes...we ate...a lot.

And then there was pie, for crying loud. I had cherry...and a smidge of berry. How could I choose?

It was a great day...

This morning has been slow...Chris and Ian left a bit ago to go to the dump. Seth just got up a bit ago and edged the lawn and is now eating an egg and sausage sandwich on an onion bagel with a side of strawberries and a glass of milk. (I'm such a nice mom.)

As for me, I'm about to get in the shower and get ready to go for a Girl's Evening in San Francisco with my mom, my aunt and my cousin! How fun is that going to be? We're going to ride BART in and where we're going from there I have NO idea. But since my cousin used to live there, I trust she and my aunt will take us somewhere amazing. Can't wait!

In the meantime I should probably clean least do some dishes and start a load of wash. I'm sure I'll tidy the living room and wipe down the kitchen. And then off I will go for a fun afternoon.

And yes, I will be taking my camera. For a minute I thought I wouldn't...but I just know that once I got to the city and did not have my camera I would be so mad at myself. Seriously? No camera in San Francisco? I think not. So...with me it shall go. I need to get in the habit of grabbing it as naturally as I do my purse.

With that...have a great day...take some photos...cherish the moments...breathe in, breathe only live once.

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Jennifer said...

yes, i am sure you are glad you had it.

hope you had a wonderful time, though i'm sure you did.