Sunday, April 22, 2012

a beautiful Sunday afternoon...

Aunt Lisa's dogwood a few weeks ago.
God is the perfect poet. -Robert Browning.

We slept in a little bit this morning. Probably because we stayed up way too late watching a movie.

As planned we got cleaned up and headed out to the garden center for a few more things for the backyard. We ended up with 6 blueberry plants, 6 lavender plants, another tomato, 2 more zucchini plants, 4 more pepper plants and a few more herbs...they were on sale you know.
We got home and immediately got to work feels good to get that accomplished. Our backyard is a work in progress. We did a few things last summer...fenced off the chickens and the garden and put in some sod. This year we're filling things in. I can't wait until it's established and lush and thriving. Patience, right? Not my strongest virtue.While we were out planting I kept getting a whiff of our lemon tree blossoms...that's got to be one of the best smells in the world.

So now we're in the nice, cool house. Chris nodded off for a did I if I'm honest. The boys are taking it easy today...napping and doing homework and hanging out in their rooms.

It's quiet here...the perfect way to end a nice weekend.


Nancy said...

we're in the same frame of mind - - planting. lawman and i spent about 3 hours outside working on a flower bed (stay tune for pics later this week). so glad to have it all in and can't wait to see it flourish over the coming months!

Denise said...

i am so envious on how much you are getting planted!! I had plans to prep the garden today but decided it was just too much to bite off on top of some other things that needed to get done today...6 blueberries is awesome!!

Jenn June said...

Lemon tree blossoms? Oh my goodness, that must be such a delightful scent! We hiked in the mountains today and I was overcome by all the wonderful springtime fragrance in the air. All that gardening sounds so perfect and a quiet Sunday...ah, I look forward to those someday. My son is 4 1/2, so he doesn't do 'quiet' or 'relaxing' yet, lol. ;)