Thursday, April 12, 2012

a list.

I was just reading a friend's blog this morning. She mentioned having to write lists of things she needs to get done...and if it's not written on a list, it's probably not getting done. I can so relate...

I love lists. I have them everywhere. Maybe that's why I have a sticky note fetish? And why I'm always in search of the perfect pen? I found the perfect pen years ago and as with ALL things I love, they stopped making it. I'm not even being dramatic about all things I love being discontinued. Pens, fragrances, underwear, soaps...if I love it and want to use it forever, whoever is making it, stops.'s cloudy out, rain is expected and I am still in my pj's. (I'm off this week, remember?) Seems like as good a time as any to make a list, don't you think?

  • I wanted to get the garden tidied this week...but with all of the rain, it's going to have to wait, again.
  • I had "clean out closets and cabinets" on the to-do list for this week off. So far I cleaned out my armoire. And that's it. The good news about that is that I filled two bags to donate...and took them to the donation station that very same day. That pretty much almost never happens.
  • I have a list of links that I want to share with you...still deciding if I want to do it all in one post? Or dedicate a post to each one? Hmm....maybe a combination of the two.
  • I made a long list for my Costco run today...suddenly I'm out of the staples: bread, butter, peanut butter, tortillas...and more.
  • Yesterday was my and my mom's birthday. Yes, I was born on her birthday...45 years ago. And like all moms, she remembers it like it was last week. I remember talking to Noni about when she birthed her babies. She remembered it like it was last week, too. And she was in her 90's. Isn't that so interesting? We never forget birthing our babies...and they're always our "babies". Even when we're 90 and our kids are full grown adults with full grown adult children of their own! I love that...
  • I really need to clean out the chicken coop. Doing it is bad enough. But doing it in rainy mucky mud?'ll have to wait.
  • I've been taking a lot of photos lately...and it feels good. And I'm regularly uploading new ones to makes me feel accomplished. And creative.
  • it just me? Or is it hard to find shoes these days? (Great. I sound old.) I have been trying to find shoes for a while now. I just want a nice pair of a loafer type shoe...with a bit of a heel would be fine. But all I can find are shoes with an 8 inch heel (or higher) or a shoe that is so flat it folds up on itself. Hello? Is there anything in between?
Well my peeps...I've procrastinated long enough. Gotta run errands...but maybe a shower first would be good. Just sayin'....


Denise said...

happy belated birthday!
I hope it was a good one!!
I have enjoyed your pictures on flickr. I am trying to take more pictures as of late. I feel like I forgot how though. And, totally agree about the shoe thing.

teekaroo said...

My goodness! So much of your post fits me! Somehow, I never really got dressed today. I started to, but my boy missed his ride to school, so we ran out the door and then the day just happened. And shoes! I am looking for a shoe like that too, but I can't stand any shoes I find.
and I cleaned out a closet and have a pile to donate. Of course, it's all sitting on the stairs, waiting to go.