Thursday, April 26, 2012


In our Japanese maple a week or so ago...she was one of about a hundred.
I have been attending a bible study again. Last night was our second meeting...I can feel it penetrating my heart and my mind, and softening the rough edges that have accumulated over the past couple of years.

On my way home last night, driving in the rain on a dark country road, I began to pray and thank God for the opportunity to learn more about Him and for the gift of being in a community of women who are after His heart, too.

As I drove home in that beautiful rain I prayed for my husband, and my sons...asking God to direct their paths and to protect them, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

And then I thanked God for never giving up on me.

It's time for me to find a balance.


Denise said...

powerful Michelle.

Jenn June said...

Great post. I used to attend wednesday night bible study at my church back home and it really helped me soften those rough edges, as well. I haven't found a church home here yet and I'd really like to. Fellowship is priceless.

Nancy said...

beautifully written, my friend.

one of the books i am reading now is because of you & jenn - - grace (eventually) thoughts on faith by anne lamott. i am thoroughly enjoying it. finding myself highlighting sections of it or dog-earring a page.

Kamana said...

i love this. speaks to my heart.

Jennifer said...

i just love this visual of you in this post.

i can see you on that dark road in the rain, driving full of spirit and fellowship and praying.

it's a lovely thing.

and nancy reading grace eventually, love it.