Monday, April 23, 2012

a poem: 10th Summer

I've been taking a lot of photos lately.

This poem was inspired by time spent with Noni.
I'd spend a week or two with her and Papa during summertime
when I was a little girl. This poem tells of one particular
day that will remain in my memory forever.

* * * *

10th Summer
Remember that day –
early in the morning
 just the two of us
you sipping tea and reading
 the news – me standing close
breathing in the scent of face
cream, fresh new morning
full of promise, time spent with you.
Remember that day –
stopping by the garden center,
petunias and azaleas for you,
five little house plants
in four inch pots for me.
They made me feel big –
and so began my love affair
with a garden.


Earth Mama said...

How are you?! I love the landscape in your header picture. And your boys look so grown up since I last stopped by! Your gardens look ever so lovely and bursting with life. We are still in the seed starting position but will be brimming with life once again as our growing season creeps closer. Right now it's just greens, but I am loving those tasty greens regardless.


christina said...

so very beautiful!

Denise said...

what a perfect day it was

Jennifer said...

oh michelle.

i love your memories of your Noni. you are always reminding me to hold on tight to mine while she is close.

i love these words, keep writing those poems, i am enjoying them.