Saturday, March 31, 2012

gray. rain. wind.

Well...two out of three ain't bad. It's a rainy, windy, gloomy day and Well...except for the wind. I'm not a windy kind of gal. But the more rain the bring it on!

The house is quiet this morning. Ian went to a lock-in at a local church with a group of friends and got no sleep. So when he came home at 7 this morning he took a quick shower and went straight to bed.

Seth is sleeping, too. He went to a dance last night...Morp (Prom, backwards)...and got home after midnight only to get up 5 hours or so later for baseball practice this morning. So when practice was over he came home, ate a plate of waffles and promptly went back to bed.

Chris got up early, too, to go pick Ian now he's lounging on the sofa, relaxing after a long week.

And me? Well...I'm up, showered, sipping the last of my coffee and getting ready to go help my aunt prepare food for a fund-raising gathering tomorrow. My mom and my cousin are helping, it's more of a girl hangout day with some food prep thrown in to keep our hands busy. (I wish Jenna could be there, too!)

So...not a whole lot going on. Just the regular mundane bits of living, really. But since I'm trying to be here at Give a Girl a Fig more often...that's what you get. Just me. Mundane life and all.


Momma T said...

Mundane life descriptions make me smile and bring peace. Life with teen aged boys is such a change from when they were boys running, laughing, playing. I am not quite use to the change from having them nearby to now saying goodbye as the head out the door to enjoying life.

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Momma summed it all up beautifully. While I get a pang of sadness that my boys are growing up I am also extremely proud of them and happy that they are finding their way.