Tuesday, March 13, 2012

it's raining...and the chickadees are in the Japanese maple.

Oh...can I tell you how happy I am that the rain is finally here? I woke up this morning to rain drops dripping down the kitchen door and it instantly put a smile on my face. Well...maybe not a smile on my face as I am sort of a grump in the morning. But I was definitely smiling on the inside.

I keep meaning to tell you about these adorable little chickadees that visit our birdfeeder in the Japanese maple outside the front window. Chris and I can see them as we sit and sip coffee and get the day started. They are really cute...and some of them are crested. But for some reason I can't find a picture online of a crested chickadee. I will just have to take my own I suppose. The chickadees always travel in two's...I think I remember reading somewhere that they mate for life. But don't quote me on that...I'm too lazy to look it up.

Ian is still sick...poor guy. I made him a dr. appt....we'll go in a couple of hours. Instincts tell me it's a virus of some sort, but we're going to go to the dr. to find out for sure. If he does need an antibiotic I don't want to make him wait any longer, he's in a good amount of discomfort.

Until then he's on the couch...and I'm on the computer. I have two quizzes to take for my online class as well as a discussion to post. I will get to work on that when we get back from the dr. 

But for now, I think I will make myself a hot cup of tea and enjoy the rain for a while.

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