Saturday, March 17, 2012


Happy St. Patrick's Day. I'm actually wearing green. Don't wanna get pinched, ya know! Remember that? In school? Oh, I hated that.

I have to admit, I'm not a big "secondary" holiday person. I made up that "secondary" thing...but you know what I mean. I am more of a BIG holiday person. I will gladly celebrate Easter and Christmas and Thanksgiving. But these others? The smaller ones? Yeah...I don't make a big deal of them.

Party pooper...I know.

I did buy corned beef, though. And cabbage. And potatoes. I'm going to prepare it like an old friend's mom did when we were in high school. Simmer the meat per the directions. Then toward the end add in peeled potatoes...simmer a while...add in carrots...simmer a bit more...then the cabbage. And then it's done in just a few more minutes.

What I loved about how my friend's mom prepared it was that she left the potatoes whole and just quartered the cabbage. So everything was in big hunks...including the tender meat that would just fall apart when it was done. Then when you served all that deliciousness onto your plate you'd gently mash the potato a bit and top with butter, salt and pepper to taste. I always added extra pepper. Oh my...was it ever good.

(Would it be rude to let you know that I'm salivating?)

I'm watching The Pioneer Woman on Food Network. She's making a warm spinach salad and olive cheese bread and it looks so good. I may need to make that sometime soon...

(Hmm...I think I may be hungry. I'm salivating again.)

Okie dokie...I'm going to get this Saturday started. I need to wash bedding and the bathroom and the kitchen floor. I may even dust. And in a while, I'm going to get that corned beef a simmerin'...can't wait!

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