Wednesday, March 14, 2012

hot water.

The other day I was washing dishes, by hand since our dishwasher has been broken for months, and the hot water running over my hands felt so good. I stood there, rinsing the morning's meals from the plates and I thanked God for it...for hot water, and plenty of it.

I do that in the shower too....say 'thank you' for the hot water. I try to do it every day...and I don't always. But most days, as the hot water rinses away the dirt and the worries and the stress I say 'thank you, God' for hot water.

I ran some hot water in the bathroom sink and sprinkled in a generous amount of salt for a breathing treatment for Ian last night. (Yes, he's still sick. The dr. says it's a virus and has to run its course.) And as I did I said a prayer of thanks...for the hot water. For the simplicity of salt and water and its healing properties. Ian sat for as long as he felt able, head over the sink of hot water, towel over his head, breathing in the simple solution...I felt like a good mom. He said it helped a little. (And that it was weird. Ha!)

After he was done the water was still hot. So I closed the bathroom door, put the towel over my head and breathed in deep hoping it would comfort me, too. It did...and I said a prayer of thanks to God for the hot water.

I am sorry to say I am definitely a person who likes her comforts. I take my own pillow everywhere. (I even tried to think of ways I could pack it for Belgium! But I did not...) I always have lotion and medicine and lip balm with me at all times. Oh, and a water bottle. With ice. Lots of it.

( water, ice water...apparently I'm not a 'room temp' kinda girl.)

Whenever we go somewhere I pack way too much...and I think of every single possible thing that maybe just might could possibly happen and I prepare for that. It annoys my husband like crazy. And requires more trips to pack the car than necessary. But it makes me feel good. You remember the Stolpa's right? Yeah. I like to be prepared.

No, I'm not good at being uncomfortable. At all. So I do my best to be grateful for those things that bring me comfort...a warm bed, a sturdy roof over my head, a heater that works, and hot water.

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.
-Colossians 4:2


Denise said...

well, our furnace died Tuesday and my house is quite cold today. So I understand comforts!! Thankfully, we are getting a new one today. Heat is something I know I was taking for granted and it made me think about those who go without.

Jennifer said...

we were out of dishwasher detergent so have been doing dishes by hand, finally got the detergent yesterday, but kind of didn't want to give up the ritual, so mindful washing dishes.

lately the girls want some pocket money so i've given them some of the responsibilities and they've been doing the dishes so i've been drying beside them (they are not so good at stacking) i found i kind of love this time together and we have some great discussions, i think we'll keep it up!!