Monday, March 5, 2012

When all else fails...

...share a mosaic of Flickr Favorites! I still haven't taken any of my own photos...the camera has taken a back seat to work, homework, family, laundry, name it, it has come before my camera.

I am craving a cold, rainy and gray day so I can grab a latte and my camera bag and go for a drive.

Although....the last time I did that I got stuck in the mud! Totally worth it though...I got some cool photos that day.

*Note to NOT pull over onto the shoulder on a country road after a good rain. ;)*

Yesterday the temperature was in the 70's...and as much as I love the rain, I have to admit, it was a gorgeous day. I opened all the windows and aired the place out. It felt good.

My new job is going well. (Part-time for those who had asked...perfect for my school schedule.) I am grateful for it but getting up and moving so early has been an adjustment. I've been used to getting up slow...getting everyone out of the house...then getting myself ready. But I've been getting up around 5:30ish, turning the coffee on then hopping in the shower. I get dressed, grab a cup of coffee then take some time to sit and read the bible and write in my journal. It's time well spent before everyone gets up and starts running here and there.

All in all...not bad for a Monday. Work was good. I went straight to the grocery store and it wasn't too busy. Got home, put groceries away and tossed some chicken in the oven. I ate some lunch, caught up on email and now here I am, trying to be better at posting here on a regular basis. Yes, even if I am rambling on and on about boring and mundane daily life and quite possibly repeating myself. Sometimes I can't remember if I've already written about something. OR if I just thought about writing about it, but never did, so that when I finally do, it feels like I'm repeating myself.

Oh...I don't know. Welcome to my world. If you haven't figured out that I can be a bit scatter-brained now and definitely know about it now!

Alrighty peeps...time to finish up a paper that's due today. I am not liking this class, I gotta say. That makes me kinda sad because I have had such great experiences with my online classes up until this point. negative experience out of the bunch isn't bad, right? Before I know it, I'll be done and moving on to the next class. It really does go by so fast...

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