Sunday, March 11, 2012

it's a random kind of Sunday...

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  • Have I ever told you that elephants are my favorite animal? They are. I love them. When I was very pregnant with Seth we watched a documentary one night about devoted they are, what good mothers they are, how fierce they they love forever and how they mourn the loss of a loved one just like we do. One of the mamas lost her baby died. And she stayed with it for days...even after her herd had left. She stood near her baby and just swayed back and forth, touching it and nudging it with her trunk. It was AWFUL to watch. I cried, hard, the entire length of the documentary and then some. (Hey...remember now, I was like 8 months pregnant!) Elephants are beautiful and amazing. I love elephants...
  • Was that a random fact, or what? Daylight Savings Time does that to me...excuse while I am a little bit "off" for the next 6 months.
  • Ian is sick...sore throat, fever, tired and dizzy. He has a good appetite that's good. He requested chicken enchilada soup for dinner...coming right up!
  • I bought radishes at the grocery store today. They were on sale and I was kinda craving them. Did you know that radishes are rich in Vitamin C, Calcium, Folic Acid and Potassium? Yeah, me either.
  • So speaking of I was slicing a couple to snack on I made the observation that every time I slice something I count by two's in my head. Why two's and not just counting in order...1, 2, 3?
  • Which brings to mind this number thing I do in my head...I've always got numbers going through my head...adding and multiplying mostly. I add up the numbers on license plates a lot...or billboards. I add them up and say the number is 28. I then add 2+8 to get 10. I then add 10 to 28 for a total of 38. Then 3+8=11...I add 11 to 38 for a total of 49. And I just keep going on and on and on until I get to a number I "like" (or I get distracted) so that I can stop. Stopping on Prime numbers is always good...but you just never know. Does anyone else do anything like that? Please share...I'm feeling a bit vulnerable here...
  • Ben & Jerry's was on sale today. I bought Strawberry Cheesecake. Yes I did. I don't do it often...but every once in a while, it must be done.
  • The Girls are still rewarding us with 3 eggs a day in return for some free-ranging time in the yard. They love to go in the garden and dig little dust bathing holes and fluff their feathers and sun themselves. It's really cute...and they aren't destroying the plants!
  • I don't like Daylight Savings Time AT ALL. I think I have mentioned this every year since starting this blog. And if you know me, I tell you this every.single.year. But I don't care. I don't like it. It throws me off. It makes me grouchy. It makes me cook dinner late. It makes me lose sleep. Yuck. Not a fair exchange...why can't we just leave well enough alone?
Alrighty...well the soup is simmering and Chris and Ian are waiting on me to start a movie, Source Code. I guess I better get going. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday...xoxo

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