Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday in the Word...on Thursday.

1 Samuel 16:7
...The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance,
but the LORD looks at the heart."
The windows are frosted over this morning...a nice thick layer on the windshields. It's COLD. little house? It's WARM. Thank you, God, for a heater that works! Maybe you think it's strange to be thankful for a heater but there was a time when our heater did NOT work. It was when the boys were little...maybe 2 and 5. We had a space heater in the living room and in the morning they'd come out in their little jammies and bring their blankies and sit by the space heater. They'd get dressed by the space heater. We'd ALL huddle around that thing! That was an interesting winter.
So...yeah. I am thankful for my heater.
All of that has nothing to do with the scripture really...unless you count it as having a grateful heart. And I do. Or at least I'm striving to! Isn't it good to know that that is what God is looking at? He's looking at my attitude in things. Not necessarily the action itself...but the condition of my heart as I DO them. Am I washing my children's clothes in resentment? Or am I thankful that I have children to dirty up too many clothes a day?
I read something a while back by Elizabeth George...she challenges us to, instead of griping that we have to dust all the picture frames, why don't we thank God for the little faces and family members that fill those frames? As we're dusting we can be praying...and thanking God for them. Instead of being mad about dirty socks on the bathroom grateful that we have little ones (or big ones!) to leave a trail of dirty laundry.
How's my heart? Am I doing things with resentment and heavy sighs? Or am I doing things with a loving and grateful heart? I admit sadly, I miss the mark...often. But thank goodness God knows my heart...and knows my intention...thank goodness for His grace that covers my failings. And thank goodness that every day is a chance to give it another try.
Dear God, remind me to press into YOU, to lean into YOU...thank you for another day to try again. But I need your help...I need your guidance...I need You. Please be with me today...Amen.


Nancy said...

A reminder that I needed today. Thank you for that.

I can so relate to the laundry.
Just yesterday I asked both girls to take their dirty laundry downstairs. This morning as I got the washer/dryer started again, I thought to myself, "I'll be done tonight." only to turn around and see that one of the girls was just now bringing hers in. I think I said something like 'argh' instead of being grateful.

A reminder to find the good in all things. Thanks.

Talitha said...

No, I don't think it's strange that you're thankful for your heater. I think it's beautiful to find things every day - no matter how seemingly small - to be thankful for. Sometimes I forget this, so thank you for the reminder!

WhiteStone said...

Having grown up in Iowa (where winters are indeed cold!) I, too, am extremely grateful for a warm home. Our bedrooms were soooooooo cold!

Sarah / Bee House Hives said...

good wisdom.

thanks for sharing and for the reminder to be grateful.. in the small everyday that makes what life what is really is..

you put it so simple and i can relate to that.. the dusting and the laundry :)

p.s that is a great photo, i really like it a lot.

Kelly said...

I can totally relate to what you are saying. Some days it's all sour grapes, and why? Deep down we are always grateful to have that leaky roof over our heads and kids to yell at all day.

Mary said...

I love the reminder for today. It's so true. We need to see the good things in everything.

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