Friday, December 4, 2009

crazy busy!

Wow! What a day! I worked an 8 hour shift at one of our local elementary schools. I've been on the sub list for over a year but they froze all positions. Only recently did they lift the I finally got a call!

herb vinegar...garlic and red chile...I think it will be yummy in stir-fry!

Immediately afterward I ran home...threw together a crock pot of chili for the family then headed over to the craft boutique.

I stayed there until a bit after 7...talked to my mom who came by outside until 8...then headed to the grocery store! I finally made it home by 9.
I got some chicken boiling for chicken salad for tomorrow. I cleaned up the kitchen. And at the insistence of my husband, I finished up some old fence board snowmen. And I'm glad that I did...they came out pretty cute and didn't take near as long as I thought they would.
I got in bed an hour ago and have been reading blogs ever since. I missed everyone! I need to get to sleep though...I've got to be back at the boutique in the morning by 8:30am. That is going to come way too quickly I'm sure. I'll let you know how it went...!


Elaine said...

Wow! What a crazy day! Hope you have a great day tomorrow.

Much love, my friend.

Anonymous said...

you go girl. enjoy the day. we need a picture of all your craftiness!

Nancy said...

sounds like a full day. so glad you got the call for a sub spot; that's great.
hope your day at the boutique is a success!

WhiteStone said...

I take it the boiling chicken is not one of the Girls! Right! LOL

Wren said...

Hooray for the sub spot! I seem to have fallen off the face of the earth. Running... back soon...