Saturday, December 26, 2009

we made it...

Whew...what a whirlwind!

Thursday night to my mom's.

Friday afternoon to my aunt's.

Today to my father in law's.

And now? Home.

Christmas was very nice. I got a few surprises! The boys were thrilled. Family was fun. Food, as always, was delicious.

And now tired.

Until tomorrow....


Thomas said...

We usually travel to my siblings in Pennsylvania for Christmas but this year, we decided to stay put. Though I'm a bit sad about that, It' nice not having to brave the highways during the holidays.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones Michelle!

P.S. Your dumpling soup sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

those are some full days. you will so enjoy being home today.

Nancy said...

I'm tired too. I spent my morning trying to restore order to the homefront. Still not done but at least it is picked up, floors are clean and laundry is done.

Glad you had a good holiday.

Erin Wallace said...

I am tired, too! But it was a wonderful Christmas and hopefully a nice New Year's Eve. But I do enjoy being home with my feet toasting by the fire!

A Friend Across the Miles said...

Home again, home again, jiggety jog!

Enjoy - it sounds like you deserve it!