Thursday, December 10, 2009


To seek God means first of all to let yourself be found by Him.


Nancy said...

simple yet oh so profound. thank you.

Anonymous said...

yes, I did have to read it more than once and am still not quite sure I get it.

Sheryl said...

ooooh love this. i am so glad that i let Him find me.

WhiteStone said...

hmmmm....are we so "big" that we can hide from God and He cannot find us? He found Adam and Eve after they sinned. I am confident that He can find whomever He chooses. LOL

A Friend Across the Miles said...

To know that He has found little ol' me is mind-boggling - and I'm so very glad He did!

This good day, it is a gift from You. The world is turning in it's place because You made it to. I lift my voice to sing a song of praise on this good day.
~~Fernando Ortega~~

Thank you for sharing my Friend!