Saturday, December 19, 2009

it's the little things...

A couple of years ago I got these sweet little wreaths on sale from Ballard of my favorite home catalogs.
This is the first time they've been out of their shipping box. I felt like they needed the "perfect spot" to hang...and I didn't have that "perfect spot" until this year. (Thanks to my honey building my hutch for me summer before last...)
I have to say...this hutch makes me happy. I waited a long time for it. was worth the wait. It holds all of my mean collectibles.
What is a hutch without a collection of cookbooks?
I love cookbooks. Love them. I have more on another shelf in my dining area...but these are the ones I turn to most often. Most of them, anyway. Many of them have been gifts and some I've purchased myself. My favorite cookbook purchase is of Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking....first edition. I got it at a garage sale...for a DOLLAR. It no longer has the jacket...but that's OK.
It also holds fun stuff...
...a vintage recipe box from the thrift store...$1. Cast iron pig...with wings. Love it. A sweet little green ceramic bowl...gifted to me by a friend at church after I commented on how much I liked it while eating dinner at her house. Wasn't that nice? Inside it is an old tea infuser...garage sale...a quarter.
It holds important things, too. Gifts made by little hands that are now big...tissue paper flowers, egg carton bouquets, paper plate chickens and "stained glass" jars made as Christmas gifts in the first grade. And you can hardly see it...but Noni's glass juicer is nestled in the yellow casserole. I'm glad to have it...I miss her. Every day.
I know it may not seem like much...but my hutch makes me happy. It makes me happy that my husband built it for me. It makes me happy to have a place to store all of my collectibles. It makes me happy to have extra storage that is deep enough to hold large sheet pans...a food processor...a food dehydrator...a roasting pan, or two...a stand mixer. It holds baking supplies...and dried goods...cookie cutters and sprinkles. My hutch is one of the few things I'll miss when we finally move out of this house.
Hmm....I wonder if I can take it with me? Honey? Can I?
ps...I just had to let you know that every time I typed "honey"...I actually typed HINEY!
Happy Saturday everyone...I'll be back later. It feels like a chatty kind of day! xox


Unknown said...

I LOVE this hutch - the seeded glass, the white paint (I'm loving white lately), and the wreaths are darling! Have you noticed how white makes everything pop and stand out. It makes an excellent backdrop for all my favorite things.

Enjoy your hutch!

Nancy said...

1. LOVE the hutch. LOVE it!

2. Ballard Designs ~ love it too. I have a past catalog by my bed because there's a dog statue I want for right outside my front door.

3. I spied one of the cookbooks on my Christmas list in your collection ~ America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. I've requested it of my honey.

4. I'd love to look at all of your collectibles up close; so many of them look absolutely wonderful.

5. And again, I love your hutch.

6. Last one. I must ask...take it with you? Is there a move planned for 2010?

Anonymous said...

yes, # 6 - do tell more. I love your hutch too.

Elaine said...

I love the new header. And the hutch.

Merry Christmas!

Wren said...

Oh my gosh I am behind.. are you moving??? I LOVE your hutch. AND the wreaths are perfect. Nothing better than having all the little things you love with you in the kitchen. I wish I could zoom in and look at all your fun goodies. Wait, that didn't sound too good.. I mean... well .. you know what I mean.

Erin Wallace said...

Ohhh! I love this hutch! My mom has one like it except that it is a not so horrible shade of olive green. I'm working on my own. All your little doo dads are so great and I just love vintage kitchen items!

Magnolia Handspun said...

Love your hutch and all the goodies inside...just gorgeous with the green of the wreaths and the all red accents.
Nice new header, M!