Friday, December 11, 2009


Some of my favorite berries, lichen and blue skies.
It's raining today...that's another favorite thing. I am one of those...I love winter, I love rain, and I even love grey skies, too. Winter makes me happy. It makes me feel energized...and rejuvenated.
It's Friday...and I've got a big day ahead. I have a few errands to run this, take Chris lunch, a few things at the store. Then I go to work from 1-5. After that, I go straight to our women's Christmas party at church to set up my booth. Part of the "festivities" is for some of us to sell our crafty wares...I'm bringing my fence board snowmen, clothespin doll ornaments, pickles, 1 lb. bags of pecans from my yard, pocket notebooks left from the boutique and photo note cards that I made using my photographs. I sold the note cards at the boutique, too...and they sold really well! I was surprised...I hadn't thought of my photography as something to sell. I thought of it as something to share...mostly here on my blog. I do it for fun. Not profit. So wasn't it a nice surprise that people liked them...wanted to talk about them...and bought them.
I never would have thought to sell my photos...but my mom encouraged me to do it. I got blank cream colored note cards with envelopes from the craft store then adhered a photo to the front of each one. I titled it, signed it and dated it. Then mom and I slipped each one into a glassine envelope...and they looked so professional! It was so exciting! (Thanks, Mom! And thanks for helping me put them together!)Not to mention, it's opened up yet another area of creativity for me...and I need that. much as I'd like to sit here in my cozy house and blog all day, reality calls. It's time to get up and get going.
Until tomorrow....xoxo


Earth Mama said...

Thats so wonderful that your cards sold well. Beautiful pictures for everyone to see!


Anonymous said...

nice work. I have thought of doing the same just have not got around to it! have fun

Kelly said...

Moms have such good ideas, your photographs are gorgeous!

Bloom fine art fotografi said...

That is wonderful that you you sold your cards.
Ever thought about calenders? hint.hint.
Fun to read all the goings on before Christmas, it's definitly abusy time of year.

Nancy said...

Hope you had a great day filled with success! I'll be waiting for a full report :-)

What a nice treat to find yet another "use" for something you so enjoy.

Amy Blogs @ River Rock Cottage said...

Michelle, I'm not surprised one bit that your photo cards sold... Your photography is awesome! You underestimate your talents, my friend.