Saturday, December 12, 2009

photo challenge: no faces.

This challenge was a LOT easier. Number one because it wasn't pictures of me. And number two...because I already had these photos. This past week is a I had to use photos I had already.
This first photo is of my dear friend's daughter, Emily.
She is one of the most creative young ladies I know. She's always making something...drawing, sewing, sculpting...she is an artist through and through.
My boys. Running on Ocean Beach in San Francisco over the summer. What? You can't tell it's summer? That's the city for ya...COLD. And WINDY. And COLD.
But..leave it to my boys to insist on getting their feet in salt water...
Seth. My oldest. My first born. Talented musician.
He plays bass, trumpet and french horn. He's a natural...
Ian. My baby. My tender hearted, animal loving, sweet boy.

This kid can figure out how anything works. He's a fixer...a amazes me.

Last but definitely not sweet husband. Also a musician and a fixer.
This photo shows a lot about, tools, electronics, a bit of sawdust on his cap. Yep. That's my hubby!
What fun this 4-week challenge was. I'm sad that it's over. It's really been enlightening...and a great learning experience as far as my photography goes. Thank you to the ladies in charge....Camilla at bloom and Carolyn at Rose Notes. Can't wait to see what's next...(hint hint!)
Thank you, too, to all of the others who's been a pleasure to meet all of you and to get a peek into your lives. xo
And in case you missed's a link to part two of this week's photo challenge...self-portrait.


Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

I think the pictures we cherish the most are those that capture our loved ones as they are being. And you did a wonderful job capturing your family.

And I think you are beautiful - inside and out.

Diane said...

These are beautiful, beautiful pics.

Neuroknitter said...

Wonderful images!!! I really like the one of your son and the guitar!

Patricia said...

I love building sandcastles!
Your family Rocks ;)

Bloom fine art fotografi said...

The first one just knocked my socks off...awesome compostion Michell...fantastic.
I really like how you depicted you family in the moment doing what they love, it shows, and we certainly get a feel for it.
You are a very good photographer.
I am so glad you joined, it's been a pleasure getting to know you a little bit more and getting a peek of your life.

Sarah / Bee House Hives said...

When I see your photos, I see how much you love people. These are great.. the sawdust on your hubby's cap made me laugh... he and Cory would get along well.

Nancy said...

These photos are a lovely glimpse into your family. Thanks for sharing.

Earth Mama said...

I love the black and white pic of Seth and the guitar. Wonderful framing. You have a wonderful family. It was wonderful to "meet" you.


Earth Mama said...

...add one more wonderful to that ;)

Filamental said...

I will miss you, too. You already showed your self-pic. The icon tells a lot.
In this super busy time of the year you have done a great job with the assignments.
You and your family are very interesting people. Music and tinkering, how great is that!
I lived for years in the Bay area. You made me miss it very much.

Erin Wallace said...

I love your blog! The seamless mixing of your musings, photos, and faith is inspirational. Will become a follower and include you in my blog roll! GREAT blog!

Thomas said...

Michelle, great pictures! I love getting an intimate look into other people's lives. It seems like your home is filled with creativity and joy. Keep up the good photo work!

Anonymous said...

i love the beach shot, what a perspective, were you down on the ground?

you are right, i loved this project!

and your hubby looks about as groovy as you!!!