Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spread your wings and fly...

Or at least stretch them out a bit!
Last night was the chickens' first full night in their new home. I have to say, having chicks in the house was funny and quirky for about a week, maybe two. But after 3 weeks or so...and actual birds with feathers? It wasn't so cute anymore. It was definitely time for them to be outside.
They did pretty well for their first night! They are enjoying their new digs. They are still getting the hang of the ramp and going from the run area to the house area. I have to say, chickens aren't the smartest animal God created.
Here are Nellie, Libby and Sweetie snacking on bugs. They're loving that!
Poor little Sweetie on the right. She's the runt of the bunch. I think she may be a day or two younger than the others. She's not growing feathers at the same rate and is considerably smaller. But she's doing well...and holds her own.
Here are Nellie, Betty and Libby.

Betty's trying to stare me down.
Can you see Reggie in the background? Or rather, can you see his MOUTH with his tongue hanging out? I am telling you...he is making me so nervous with my chicks!
Here they are, all clustered together. You know...they all get along quite well. None of them is particularly aggressive. I'm glad for that. I can't stand a bully.
Is that a Stink Eye I see? Betty is such a smart alec.


Anonymous said...

our chicks are back outside now with the heat lamp on at night. my house no longer smells like chicken poop thank goodness.

and, there was so much DUST with them inside.

we tell our dog - chicks are friends not food : )

Michelle said...

I left the light on last night. But tonight I turned it off so they could get used to a normal sleep schedule? I don't know if that's right or wrong? I just decided to leave the light off since it's been warm here and they weren't laying under it anyway. I figured they didn't really need it? I hope I'm doing it right!

note to self...chicks are friends, not food....friends, not food...

pinkpeppercorns said...

I love their names. :)