Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chickens are funny.

It was cold, cold, cold outside this morning. My tomatoes are showing it...and so were the girls.
When I went out to check their food and water they were all huddled up in the corner. And...when I entered the coop...they stayed in the corner. They didn't even come running to see what great treats I might have had for them.
I'm telling was cold.
Eventually they got up. And when Nellie saw that I'd brought the camera she decided to hop up on the ramp for a photo op.
She's smiling. You just can't tell right now. She's quite subtle.

Sweetie wanted in on the action too...even though she's a bit skittish. I think she was trying to overcome her fears. So I snapped away while she was being brave.

Good job, Sweetie.

Betty, on the other hand, is not shy. She's bold. And friendly. And loves the camera.

And even though she may not be so happy that THIS is the photo I chose to share today...I did anyway. You know why? Because I love how her feet look! Chicken feet are awesome. I'm snapping away...and talking chicken talk...and wondering in the back of my mind just HOW crazy DO my neighbors think I am when all of a sudden I feel a little something on my back side.
I turn around and what do I see?

Why yes. Of course. It's Libby...pecking at my REAR END! You can see my blue sweatshirt in the bottom left of the above photo...and just prior to my snapping this photo...she was PECKING at my BUTT. Not hard. And it didn't hurt. Maybe I had a loose string? I don't know. I have NO idea. I DO know that it was FUNNY.
And look at sweet Reggie. He is calming down around the girls. Thank goodness. I still won't let them out when he's in the yard...because he's a DOG. And a carnivore. So it's just best to play it safe. But here you can see...he's outside of the coop...looking the OTHER heart palpitations. No saliva dripping. Just a mellow dog rounding up his little herd of chickens (he's part Australian Shepherd).

Good boy, Reggie. Good boy.


Megan said...

The last time I talked to you, you were only just talking about getting chickens... oh the difference a month (maybe more??) makes! How funny are you cousin? I hope that all those brown chickens are laying lots of brown eggs for you and the fam is having amazing omlettes with tomatoes and herbs from your garden and eggs from your little chickies! Your blog is inspiring... and you are so funny. Amazing pictures, by the way!

pinkpeppercorns said...

I just love your chickie photos. Where did you learn to take such great photos? (I really liked your photos from your night out with your friend, too.)

Anonymous said...

it blows my mind how similar our chickens look. the girls thought your pictures were mine.

oh, we had a bad chicken last night. they were "roaming" the yard. One flew into a bush and from there onto the fence and ended up in the neighbors yard.

do yours fly around? or try?

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Hi girls haven't flown too much yet because I"m too afraid to let them out for long just for that very reason! They do fly up onto their perches in their coop though...but so far, so good.

Do you have Buff Orps and Barred Rocks, too? Originally I wanted Buffs and Wyandottes...but the feed store shipment was the I got them instead.

Anonymous said...

we have (if I remember correctly)

Buff Worthingtons
Rhode Island Reds

two of each