Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm very generous. And very humble.

So...because I'm generous and I like to share...I wanted to give you links to some very creative and funny blogs.

I have been an avid read of The Pioneer Woman for quite some time now. I don't remember when, or how, I found her blog. But I've visited often ever since. I've tried her recipes...I've been inspired to use a few more features on my camera...and I've laughed OUT LOUD BY MYSELF...because of her amazing, beautiful and successful blog.

Just this morning as I was perusing said blog...I followed a link that she had to another very funny blog, Coal Creek Farm. Funny. Another one that made me laugh OUT LOUD BY MYSELF. I think my eyes even teared up a time or two. Not to mention, her son's name is Seth. Anyone who names their son Seth has GOT to be cool. Ahem.

So, in honor of The Pioneer Woman and her "Keepin' it Real" mantra....I will now share a picture of my kitchen on the day that I made pepper jelly. Yikes.
Nice. I hope it's worth it. So far my pepper jelly hasn't set up as much as I'd like it to! Still crossin' my fingers.

And if you go visit these funny, inspiring blogs...tell 'em I sent ya'...even though they haven't a CLUE as to who I am.


Anonymous said...

yep, mine can look like that when I am in the middle of making something too.

Nancy said...

I happen to know the Coal Creek Farm gal and yes, she is funny. And cool.

My kitchen has looked like yours a time or two also. Another sign of coolness....right?

Elaine said...

My kitchen NEVER looks like this.

Unless I cook in it. ;O)

I'm so glad you're generous. And humble.