Monday, April 27, 2009

Look what I whipped up!

Yesterday, while at the grocery outlet, they had big bags of jalapeno peppers for a dollar. I grabbed two bags...determined to make pepper jelly.
I went to one of my favorite recipe sites and browsed around until I found the recipe that I thought sounded the tastiest. I scribbled it down...literally...and headed to the kitchen.
I got the jars sterilizing in the giant canning pot...gathered all of the ingredients and piled them nearby...

Then got to chopping! Not too spicy, please! I've never done this I wasn't sure how many seeds and membranes to leave in. Hope this works!
Next I tossed the chopped peppers into the mini food processor and chopped them finely...leaving a few chunks for kicks!
There...that looks about right!

Once all of the peppers were chopped and measured I placed them in a big pot along with cider vinegar and sugar. The directions said to bring it to a rolling I did. Then I added the liquid pectin. Look at that vibrant green...

Once the jars were filled the directions said to tighten the lids then invert the jars for 5 minutes then turn them back over and wait for the telltale *pops*! of about 20 minutes ago...out of 7 jars I only had 4 *pops*. So I'm not real sure how this is going to work out...but we shall see.

I suppose if the other jars don't pop we'll just be eating 3 jars of pepper jelly quickly. Hope it's not too hot!
I can't wait to try this on cornbread!