Thursday, April 2, 2009

A part of me.

You may have noticed this piece of artwork in my sidebar. This is a piece I did years ago for an art gallery in Oregon. I used to do art a lot. Mainly collage. I was involved in online art groups and took part in many, many art exchanges and projects. This is what took up my spare time. And I loved it. A lot. This was a way for me to express work with my hands and allow what was inside to come outside.

But...several years ago we had company coming. And we had nowhere for them to sleep! So I had to pack up the little room that I was fortunate to have for myself for art and turn it into a guest room.

And once the guests became Ian's room.

And since art supplies have been in boxes in the shed. Every once in a while I go out there and open the boxes...and rummage through...longing to create again.

I switched my craft to lino cuts last year...fewer supplies...less room needed to make stuff...etc. But takes up my dining room table because there's nowhere else to do it.

I haven't made art in over a year. And it is getting to me. I need a creative outlet. I need to get my fingers sticky with glue and paint...I need to snip little bits of paper and glue them together....I need to take nothing and make it something.
If I don't, I feel like a part of me is missing.

Someday...I will make art again.

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Michelle said...

You have such a clear vision when you make art, Michelle. Even if you just made sketches for collages you'd like to make that would be something creative. I've been stamping in my journal and sketching a bit recently. It's been helpful to get me back into the world.