Thursday, April 23, 2009

Make do or do without.

When it comes to food, "doing without" is not an option. Not even if I wanted to. I'm not of those people that can just NOT eat. I get grumpy and mean. I get sick and headachey. And whiny. And did I mention mean? Trust do NOT want me to go without food.

On Monday I stayed home to get some things done around the house...and eventually, I got hungry. And since I certainly wasn't doing without...I decided to "make do". I thought to myself, "Hmmm...what can I scrounge up to eat using what I already have?"
I opened the fridge and did a quick survey: I had a bag of sourdough dinner rolls, a bit of leftover pizza sauce, a bit of leftover mozzarella and Parmesan and some green onion. Sounds good!

Perfect! Pizza breads it is! I added some cottage cheese and a glass of milk on the side( you think my body is in need of some calcium or what?) and called it a meal.
And a good one at that. If I don't say so myself!


Anonymous said...

I HAVE to eat too. My husband can go all day without eating. He does not understand the need. I'm like I need food NOW.

your pizza's look good.

pinkpeppercorns said...


I cannot go without food for long either. I am a constant nibbler. Forget three square meals. This girl likes to EAT!

I wonder how it would taste to put the cottage cheese on the mini pizzas. Under the shredded cheese, maybe.