Monday, April 6, 2009

The Girls: Before and After.

Remember this sweet little photo? This is Sweetie two weeks ago. We're cracking ourselves up at how we're coming up with their names.
She's named Sweetie because...she is the sweetest chick of the bunch. Simple. And very unimaginative. But is her name.
Here's Sweetie 2 weeks later. Look at her feathers! And her very tricky art of perching. She's a natural.
Here are Libby, Betty and Nellie two weeks ago when we first got them. Tiny, cuddly, fluffy and sweet.
Awww...they were so adorable.

Here they are NOW...two weeks later....big and feathery. Or at least getting there! Nellie is the Buff on the left. She's named after Nellie Olsen from Little House on the Prairie because she's kind of feisty...and kind of pushy. Trust suits her.

The Barred Rock in the middle is Betty. She got her name because she has a black stripe on her beak. And to distinguish we were referring to her as "black beak"...and it evolved to BB, which none of us we evolved to Betty because it starts with a B.
(Man...who knew naming chickens was so challenging? At first I wanted to name them after my grandmother and her sister...just because their names are so old-fashioned and full of character...Harriett, Erma, Betty and Isabel. But...while the names are perfect...the timing wasn't. So we opted not to.)
The other Barred Rock on the right is Libby. She started off as "light beak"...which evolved to LB...which evolved to Libby. And it stuck. We're going with it.
Seth helped me carry their box out onto the deck today so they could get some filtered sun and some fresh air. I think they liked it!

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dmoms said...

YES! our chicks look very similar. We had ours outside the last two days in the sunshine. they loved it. too cold at night still. I'll be back to check out your blog some more. nice work on the garden.