Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 1.

It's Monday. February 1st. Already. And it's the first day of my Daniel Fast.
I always prepare our coffee the night before. Last night, I only put together enough for Chris. This morning, I am drinking water instead. And it's good...and ice cold. And I'm thankful for ice water...and water in general. I take it for granted.
So, some of you have expressed an interest in hearing about the fast as I go along. I created a Poll in the side column for you to vote on how much I talk about it. Do you want to know what I eat? How I prepare it? Scriptures that come to mind? Do you want to know it all? Or just a little. Go take the Poll...let me know what you think!
I took the picture last week when I visited the little church that Chris and I got married in. It's in the middle of an old, beautiful cemetery. Some of the headstones date back to the late 1700's. It's amazing. I love it there. It's not too far from me...maybe a 10 minute drive. Not bad. The picture is of the inside of the church, as seen through the window. So it's also got the reflection of the landscape. Kinda fun.


Anonymous said...

that picture is so cool. I had to really stop and look at it. so much there.

i voted...details.

oh, put some lemon in your water for a nice change later : )

ThyHandHathProvided said...

I voted for details, too:-). I also love the picture- I don't know if I've ever told you this, but I LOVE your photographs. You mentioned something about note cards on Etsy? The last link you put up I had trouble with. Could you email me how to get there? Thanks, dear:-).

Talitha said...

Details, definitely! And that photo is amazing. You have such a talent for showing us the beauty in what you see.

Megan Wahl said...

Good luck with the fasting Michelle... you're on my mind. Last night when I couldn't sleep I thought you should have some yummy portobello mushrooms with roasted red peppers and basil... vegetarian options can be so delicious!

Conny said...

It's an awesome photo! I really like it.

Amy @ River Rock Cottage said...

Oh!!!! That photo is so enchanting! So much depth and so much to see, yet mysterious at the same time.

Nancy said...

What a cool photo. I had to do a double-take to be sure of what I was seeing.

I'm up for any amount of details you're willing to share. You call the shots.

Thomas said...

Great picture!!!! I LOVE it. It reminds me of my catholic school days.

Tia said...

I think you should share whatever details help you. Enjoy your journey.

I have been going without coffee for 3 1/2 weeks. Wanted some today, but I make horrible coffee, and I could not get down my street in the ice.

Your picture would make a wonderful creative writing activity, for my students. May I share the photo with them?

Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

Wow - I'm praying for you, sincerely. I KNOW God is going to bless you through this! Your obedience is encouraging and challenging. Coming by here is always a good thing.

Give a Girl the Details. :)

Happy Tuesday to you, my friend!


Kelly said...

I was wondering how you got that picture, it is very cool! What a sweet spot to revisit. Best during your fast!