Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random ramblings...

Libby...she's such a camera hog. A few weeks ago I took my camera out back early in the morning to take a picture of the sunrise. As soon as she heard my camera come on she rushed to the chicken wire...awaiting her photo op. She is always the first to come to me when I have my camera...so vain, that Libby.

Egg production is rising again. Between the molt being done and the weather warming slightly...we're getting about 2-3 eggs a day again. I want to make a quiche. But if I do...I'll have to eat the whole thing by myself because my family doesn't care for quiche. Does quiche freeze well? I'll have to do a search on that. If it does then maybe I can make several small quiches...freeze them...and then eat them for lunches. Hmmm...has anyone ever frozen quiche?
Ian is staying home from school today. He told me last night that he wasn't feeling well...stuffy nose, headache, etc. Then this morning he got up early for his shower...and afterward told me he still wasn't feeling well. So...back to bed he went with a cozy comforter, a pile of pillows and a good book. We'll call it a sick day. We all need one every now and then.
So...with Ian sick...I think I will: (bullet-points anyone?)

  • make a dent in the laundry.
  • Review my chapter in preparation for tonight's quiz and make sure I have a sharpened #2 pencil!
  • clean floors
  • dust...again...always...
  • make chili in the crock pot...rainy day, school night, perfect
  • download photos onto the computer...not sure how many I have on the camera...or what they're even of..!

On that note...I think I'll start with a shower. That's a good place to start...thank you FlyLady!


Nancy said...

Yes, quiche freezes well. Somewhere I've seen individual ones in a muffin pan. Even crustless. Google and see what you get.

Hope Ian is feeling better soon. A day in bed with a good book can do wonders.

Chili in the crockpot? We did that on Sunday. Leftovers last night for dinner. So easy and hits the spot.

Enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

i never feel awake without taking a shower - good choice for starters!

ThyHandHathProvided said...

I agree with Nancy. Quiche freezes very well. I usually under bake it just a tad, let it cool then freeze it. When you're ready to eat it, thaw it then bake it at 350 for 20 minutes to finish the baking and warm it up. It also works really well just to freeze individual servings (baked completely)and then heat them up in the microwave once they've thawed.

I wish I could share some eggs with you! Our youngest girls just started laying so we're getting about 2 dozen a day. A light in their roost to extend their days has helped them to continue laying.

Laura at By the Bushel said...

mmmm quiche, chili...
love flylady!

Thomas said...

Yes, quiche freezes really well! I wrap individual slices and then store them all in a freezer bag. I reheat it in the toaster oven for a no fuss breakfast.

Talitha said...

Yep, quiche freezes. The Bug used to beg me for the individual sized quiches from Trader Joe's... they came frozen and you just nuke them for a bit.

Chili in a crockpot? I did that today too! :-) Elk chili from some meat a friend gave us. Montana sure is different!

And the Flylady. Yes, love her. I think you mentioned that to me on a comment before? I should go back and check out her site again... it's been a while and I'm struggling with this make-your-own-routine stuff.

Beegirl said...

Hey.. my ladies never took a break! Still getting 3-4 eggs a day all winter! Been selling a half dozen here and there at work. Quiche? sounds great to me!!