Friday, February 5, 2010's Friday!

Friday is my favorite day of the week. Love it. Especially the Friday night part. The end of a busy week...the hope of a long weekend...maybe pizza and a movie or two. Friday...the best day.

{Taken in the reflection of the old church window last week...say cheese!}

It's raining. And I think its supposed to rain all weekend. Tomorrow at least. Not sure about Sunday...but a rainy Saturday with nothing to do makes me happy. It means I can putter around the house. One of my favorite things to do.

I didn't end up going to the office yesterday. Chris ended up heading out of town on a job so I just ran my errands and then visited a friend. That means I have to do all of my business stuff today. And that means a full day at the office.

I have to say, I feel really blessed to be able to work with my husband. Being together and running the business together...working together...and yes, fighting at times...has been really good for our marriage. And when I think about being able to see him during the to him whenever I lunch together...I realize that I am really fortunate to be able to see my husband so much. Not every wife gets to. Not every wife wants to. But I like it. I like his company. And I'm pretty sure he likes mine!

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Day 4:

Breakfast: Quesadilla on whole wheat tortilla with refried beans and a sprinkling of cheese. Ice water.

Lunch: Potatoes sauteed in olive oil and a bit of butter and a small salad. Ice water.

Snack: a cup of tea and a small bowl of potato salad at my friend's house.

Dinner: Whole wheat pasta with pesto and olive oil and a salad. Ice water.

Snack: a clementine.

Thoughts: Day 4 was better. I missed my diet Coke...but I didn't cry about it. (I don't think I cried about the diet Coke...I cried at the frustration that I needed it...a real eye opener.) I call that progress. Being on this fast has made me think a little harder about what I actually put in my mouth. From the frozen chocolate chip I pop in my mouth without a second thought to licking the peanut butter and jelly off of the knife while preparing Ian's lunch. No... I don't think these things are bad. All things in moderation, right? I'm just saying I am aware...which is a good thing. They say you're not supposed to do a fast to lose weight. And I totally agree. But I'm just wondering if my awareness...and some of the new menu ideas I've learned...might lead to a bit of weight loss as a by-product? Because during this fast I've eaten more salad...and so has Chris by default. I've eaten whole wheat tortillas and pasta...and liked it. I've cut meat out of my diet...which is fine. I'm not a big meat eater anyway. But I do like it. And I have no thoughts of becoming a vegetarian. None at all. Again, all things in moderation. I have cut out most dairy...and I am missing it. I love milk. I love cheese. Again, in moderation. But it is a healthy part of my diet. As far as bread? I won't say that I miss bread, per se. But I miss the convenience of it. A quick piece of toast with peanut English muffin with butter...a mini bagel with cream cheese...very convenient. And quick. I do miss that.

All in all, Day 4 was much easier. I still wanted a diet Coke. And last night I did tell Chris, "Babe, on Monday, you are taking me out to lunch!" I don't usually demand things...but hey...lack of caffeine does that to a girl. So we're going to go to Murillo' of our favorite Mexican food places. We're going to get our favorite lunch specials...and a big, fat, diet Coke! So bad...I know. But I can't help it!


Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

Once again, your words have taught me something! It's about the awareness, and I've never thought about fasting that way. It's always been about the deprivation in my mind.

I love traveling this fast with you - with my cup of coffee in hand. Gotta...break...the...habit...

Wishing you a smooth weekend!


Nancy said...

glad to hear that chris is eating more salad "by default"...i was wondering how the fast was affecting him, if at all.

and a lunch date on monday? nothing better. except maybe that big diet coke.

enjoy the weekend.

Bloom fine art fotografi said...

Oh neat image love the look so professional Michelle.
Nice to hear that you appreciate working with your husband...sounds like a lot of fun...maybe one day that'll happen for Pierre and I.
Have good one.

Conny said...

Friday is the favorite at our house too. Love the reflection pictures you've posted from your photo-jaunt to the church last week: very cool indeed.

Cheers and have a good weekend. :>)

Anonymous said...

love the picture. you are so beautiful!!

Mari said...

I say...go out Monday and enjoy God's bounty!
I work with my man too, but I have to say there are days I'm not too happy about him being HERE all the time. Some days I really just want to have some alone time.
Some day you will have to share with me what you do together, and what that looks like. I'd love to hear about this!
Have a blessed weekend. e

Welcome! said...

You're almost across the finish line with the fast! I know, it's not a race, but hey... you are going to make it, right?!

I had to give up coffee, chocolate, and peppermint, as well as really spicy food... acid reflux. I mean REALLY bad reflux. For 3 years, and the doctor is still all over me about it. I about cried. These were the only "treats" left in my diet after my food journey began. I was amazed to find that life went on and that I eventually adjusted. (I also found some low acid coffee that I treat myself to once a week!).

Sarah { bee house hives } said...

I would love to have Cory home and work together. I daydream about farming and how my grandparents used to live.. all working together just as you say.. and getting to eat lunch together. I would love that.

P.S I am a day late here.. so I am smiling because it is Saturday! :) Hope you have a cozy weekend with your rain. We are off to a parade soon.
Lots of love to you,