Friday, February 26, 2010

Libby's 10 things.

Well, she wore me down. She was relentless. She pouted. She sulked. She gave me dirty looks.
So I said, "Fine. Make your own 10 things list...see if I care!"

So she did.

1. Pedicures. There's nothing like having my feet done! All that digging in the dirt wrecks havoc on a girls feet and nails!

2. Apples. I love apples. And I hog them whenever that mean lady that keeps us in this stinky cage all day brings them out to mean us.

3. Freedom. There's nothing quite like being able to relieve myself wherever and whenever I want to. You know you're jealous.

4. Bugs. Oh how I love bugs.

5. Gossip. I am the best at letting the WHOLE neighborhood know what's going on around here.

6. A nice long bath. There's nothing like a pile of dirt and some sunshine to rejuvenate a girl's senses and get her ready for yet another day of it all. *sigh.....*

7. Having my own camera. Oh. Wait. That's right. That mean lady that keeps us in this stinky cage all day didn't GET me my own camera. Whatever.

8. Frantically scratching and pecking at the door to this stinky cage. It makes that mean lady feel bad and let us out. I've heard her say that we are "destructive". Uh huh...we'll see what she has to say about that when her vegetables are growing like gang-busters thanks to my...uh...freedom.

9. Long walks on the beach. Don't ask...don't tell. What happens in California stays in California.

10. Having my photo taken. I am quite photogenic...all my sides are good.

The End.


Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Too funny! You've got quite the girl there!

jrosemcgovern said...

Girl, yo crazy and that's all I'm gonna say! :-)

Conny said...

Thanks for the chuckle this morning. Makes me wonder - if Libby had a camera what would she take pictures of? Have a great weekend. Keep dry. The storm is already coming through my way; its very windy outside and dark.

Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

I love chicken butts, but only after a bath...

I knew it - you DO speak chicken!

Anonymous said...

That is the funniest thing I've read all week. Beautiful! Thanks for the giggles. Sandhill Sis

WhiteStone said...


BTW, my daughter hung a cat-size camera on her housekitty. Toby's camera is programmed to take photos intermittently...she can load them to her computer and see what he's been doing all day while she is at work. Usually it is, you guessed it, "sleep". LOL

Nancy said...

Wow! That Libby girl has quite the attitude. Or lots of spunk.

I need a pedi too in order to get ready for summer sandal weather. Maybe Libby would want to go with me.

Bloom fine art fotografi said...

Most excellent Michelle...I really enjoyed reading Libby's funny!