Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I just got home from school...

...and I got a B on my first quiz. Lame. I'm so irritated. I really wanted an A. It's open book for crying out loud. And...to top it off...? I missed two True or False questions...and I KNEW that they were True, yet I marked them with an F! What is THAT all about? Lame.
So...I'm a little disappointed. But I'll live. And hopefully I did better on tonight's quiz...hopefully. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the next week. And my toes.
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Day 2:
Breakfast: leftover baked potato, cubed and sauteed in olive oil with sliced red pepper, garlic, salt and pepper and a small bowl of unsweetened apple sauce with cinnamon.
Lunch: Homemade vegetable soup, 1/4 cup cottage cheese and ice water.
Snack: dried fruit and nuts and a clementine.
Dinner: Half of a quesadilla on whole wheat tortilla with refried beans and a sprinkling of cheese, cup of vegetable soup and ice water.
Snack: dried fruit and nuts.
Thoughts: You may notice that I added a small amount of dairy to the mix. About halfway through my day I realized that what I really need to be fasting is caffeine. I realized I don't necessarily need to be doing the Daniel Fast. Honestly, when I found out we were going to be doing a week-long corporate fast I just decided on my own that this is the one I'd do. But what I'm finding is that the real issue...for this fast, anyway...is my reliance on caffeine. It is pathetic how badly I am missing diet soda. Seriously. I almost cried today when talking to Chris about it! I know part of that was being tired. I stayed up too late too many nights in a row...which makes me weepy anyway. But still! Get a grip, girl!
Anyway...I will continue the Daniel Fast since I started it...but be prepared to see a few modifications in the menu. It may be closer to the Daniel Diet. (And if you're interested you can do a search to see the difference between the two because I am too darn tired to go into it!) You may see small amounts of dairy here and there...and maybe a glass of juice or two. What you WON'T see? Coffee. Or Diet Coke.
On a physical note...the headache was less today. And the fatigue was less, also. I was still a bit foggy...but more myself. Thank goodness.
On a rebellious note...I am telling myself that I can't wait until this week is up so I can drink a big ol' glass of diet Coke. Let's hope that tomorrow I can start the process of focusing on God rather than on a drink. Pathetic...I'm telling ya...if nothing else, this makes you realize how weak you are. And how...demanding our bodies can be. And I guess this shouldn't surprise me...being an addictive type and all.
OK...the eyelids are drooping. Time to call it a day...and pray that tomorrow, things continue to improve. Night...xoxo


pinkpeppercorns said...

I need to write to you!! Gah! I can't write anything too lengthy right now. I have a dentist appointment to get to. Ugh.

You are such the perfectionist. :) But I'm guessing I know how you feel. I recall open-book quizzes and exams being THE WORST!

I must have missed your original post about this fasting thing. That looks like a very healthy day of eating. I can really relate to the Diet Coke thing. I once HAD to buy it by the case every two or three days. Thankfully, I got off the stuff. A while back I was actually craving a Coke. Mr. Neighbor was headed off to the store, so I asked him to get me a soda--meaning a Coke, which I figured he knew. He came back and sat down and cracked open a Coke for himself. I asked, "Where's mine?!" He said he thought I only drank seltzer water and they were out of seltzer water, so he didn't get me anything. heh

Okay, gotta go shower.

I'll send an actual e-mail soon.


Kelly said...

A B is still great, sorry you you goofed and are frustrated though. Blame it on the lack caffeine...seriously!

We have to remember that for most of us food equates pleasure, so it is no wonder you miss your soda so much, it must be a steady comfort for you throughout your day.

Anonymous said...

Kelly has a good point - blame the lack of caffeine. I am glad you are listening to your body. Detoxing or fasting is stressful on the body - many actually get sick (or feel sick) while doing so. take good care. rest when you can.

A Friend Across the Miles said...

Ditto the caffeine comments and it's effect on your test. It's the caffine's fault! We underestimate it's power.

I'm pulling for you, praying for you. Today will be a better day, I'm sure!


Nancy said...

I'm with the other gals on the lack of caffeine; blame the B on that but a B is nothing to shake a stick at.

I'm a diet coke drinker too. Only time I've ever given it up was during pregnancy. Took what seemed like foreveh to get past the headaches. Now I still drink it - one a day except on weekends. Having that 2nd one on the weekend is like having a cocktail for many folks.

Erin Wallace said...

Please don't beat yourself up over a B! Now you know that you may want to recheck your answers, but a B is a great thing! You were so worried about going back to school and you got a B - come on, give yourself a pat on the back!