Sunday, February 3, 2013

the game, etc.

We're going to mom and dad's to watch some football today. She's making enchiladas. I'm making guacamole and some Spanish rice. My sister in law is making lumpia. Yeah...we'll be eating pretty darn good. As usual. We know how to cook for a gathering, that's for sure.

Being from Northern California my whole life, it probably goes without saying that I am cheering for the 49'ers. I'm not a huge football fan...much prefer baseball, really. But I do like the Super Bowl, and even the playoff games.

We watched Trouble with the Curve with Clint Eastwood last night. What a good movie. We enjoyed it. It was good for the whole family so long as you can handle a bit of language. And don't you just love Clint Eastwood? He's still got it...although looking every bit his age these days. Chris and I agreed we will be sad when he's no longer here.

I suppose I should get going...gotta make sure my avocados are ripe. I had to put some in a brown bag to speed up the ripening process. Did you know you could put a banana in the bag to make it even faster? least that's what Google said. We'll see!

Enjoy your day...and if you are driving somewhere please be might get kinda crazy out there.

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Wren said...

Have fun! I don't watch football.. BUT I could just come for the food. Just kidding..