Tuesday, February 19, 2013

it's raining.

yesterday...it was not raining.
Oh happiness...it's finally raining. I've been waiting for this for weeks. A while ago it actually poured...and even hailed a teensy bit. It was amazing...

The chickens aren't appreciating it. And Reggie barked his demands from the garage to be let back in. But Bear sat at the front window completely enthralled with it. As did the boys and I. Seth wanted to run through it, Ian and I watched out the back door as it came down with a vengeance. We all love the rain.

I decided it's a great day to use up those fresh tortellini I've had in the fridge for almost too long...gonna make this soup for dinner. I've got delicious and nutritious chicken broth defrosting on the counter-top and fresh parsley in the garden. It's going to be just right for this rainy day. The only bad part? I have to go to the store for french bread...I was trying to not leave the house on this glorious day. (Hmmm...maybe Seth will go for me..:)

So I'm off work this week...which means staying in my jammies for longer than I should and watching morning TV. I admit, I've missed watching Kelly and Michael...they make me laugh.

Oh...and guess what I just realized? I'm coming up on 1000 posts! I'm thinking I want to do something special and fun to celebrate.

What to do, what to do....?

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Beegirl said...

Singing in the rain...
: ))